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[TotW] Taking it to the Next Level

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You are quickly whisked away to our secret labs and you're told that we're trying to bring out the next level of an existing or older product. What Razer product needs a refresh? And what would be its evolution? Like and comment for a chance at the weekly "Great" achievement. For every 20 comments we'll throw in a random "Nice" achievement.

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The haptic suit with a VR headset??? idk sounds like a fully immersive Razer experience.
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New monitor will be very interesting idea.
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Hello friends,

Yeah Razer secret labs, I found you !!!! 😸
Girlz need upgrade for Razer Kraken Kitty.😻
We could give the name "Razer Kraken Kitty Pro" or "Razer Kraken Kitty V2".
The new Razer Kraken Kitty would have the improvements of Razer Kraken V3/Razer Kraken Pro.
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i really enjoyed razer naga molten edition.I was hoping for more products like that (design wise)
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As a proud user of Razer Phone 2 (3yrs and it's still doing great), I would request for the newly upgraded and improvized Razer Phone 3 under the codename: TRISKELLION.

probably would minimize the size of the grill, add in a 3.5mm jack as well as the USB C, the display probably be upgraded to a 120hz OLED if possible. Improvise and rework on the camera as well. Improvise the Bluetooth connectivity and audio codec as well. Latest flagship binned chip (OC) and ram wise 8GB is okay, but maybe release a couple of version, 8GB / 12GB / 16GB with ROM ranging from 124GB / 512GB / 1TB / 2TB (maybe).

I mean Razer Phone paved way for all these so called Gaming Phones out there, certain other Gaming Phone is releasing 6th Version of it's device while we even stopped making case for our brand.
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New Razer GPU?
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New RAZER Mamba mouse please! The most beautiful RGB lining and comfy mouse for me
How about adding wireless charging for Razer Goliathus Extended Chroma? That would be nice :)

great idea
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Was Razer Nari Ultimate already at the top? Is there anything after perfection?
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razer deathadder pro

How come you are able to type just one word? Hahaha, kewl!
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Invention man, not just copy others creation
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They should corporate with company or school to sponsor it for brand building, other competitors are doing it now
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Razer Boomslang - interesting, unique shape.
not so old but also I'd like to see Razer Deathstalker keyboard refresh - membrane, ultra-low profile keyboard.

And btw. bring macOS support, as in good old days.
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Razer should support more affordable product instead being a "big nose" without quality all the time
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How about adding wireless charging for Razer Goliathus Extended Chroma? That would be nice 🙂
Hmm.. lots of products that I do like about Razer.

While I would really like a Razer toaster, an upgrade of Razer Raptor with 240Hz or more might be awesome ?
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Razer DeathAdder 8KHz?
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Viper Ultimate 2 - to have both Hyperspeed & Bluetooth
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it would be really cool if Razer Ansu smart glasses could double as VR headsets. Now THAT would be an evolution!

it would also place Razer in the lead as no other VR company has that form factor!
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Razer Barracuda range with Hypersense! (And maybe Razer Blackshark Range with Hypersense, right?) That should give us the more powerful performance and the more various options to buy.