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[TotW] Want or Do Not Want

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May the power of Min compel you!

We've had a lot of exciting product announcements come up these past weeks. Which one are you the most excited for? Sound off in the comments. Like and comment for a chance at the weekly "Great" achievement and since there was a brief hiatus, I'll choose 3 random lucky people for this week's Thread of the Week!

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New Razer Blade 14 with AMD cpu! Hope to see larger variants with AMD cpu!

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Hazel has been announced for quite some time by now, so for me it wasn't available for the choice.
But I agree with you.

I think it was only confirmed to be produced just the week prior though :big_grin_:
blade 15 with rtx 3080
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Any news on a possibility of a Razer Viper Mini Ultimate?
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Any news on a possibility of a Razer Viper Mini Ultimate?

Still waiting for it 😞