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What would you like to see next from Razer?

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Razer accesoires for your desk
I'd love to see availability for the Razer Blades at European retailers.
Razer cable for PC tuning with green LED !
A razer toaster...

No just kidding, but a Razer monitor would be pretty nice, with the edges of the monitor chroma.

Currently it's the only thing you guys don't really have at the moment.
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Project Valerie mini, for upcoming Razer blade 14 line with more powerful GPU, detachable monitor with hdmi port for external portable monitor use is also nice feature to add.
a new clothing collection
Updating their Synapse to have a more user friendly macro section. I was really surprised about how outdate and unfriendly it is, especially if compare it to Logitech's and Consair's software for their products. Both of them allows for more friendly options to select various abilities of macros as well easy to edit. Easy example is a "text macro" allows a person to make a simple text macro, set delays as well simple to edit if need be.

I would also love to see a 18 extra programmable keyboard.... Whatever reason the my old ones from logictech are around $200~$400 for being probably upwards of 13 years old now. It's also reason why i didn't grab a razer keyboard and went with the k95
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As we're closing off the year and prepping for the new one, I'd love to hear from the community what new products you'd like to see in 2015. Let me know in the comments below!

I think it's amazing that this post is from 2014, originally, but people are still contributing to it. If the question were applied to today, 2017, I would like to see a standing dock, similar to the Hinge for the MacBook Pro so that I could connect a Razer Blade laptop to external monitors and peripherals to use it like a desktop computer.
I would love to see a 4k, 144hz, g-sync, HDR monitor....with chroma lighting around the edges or on the back or something 😃
Virtual Reality Glasses would be pretty damn cool and a monitor too.
Well first off I would like some sick Guinea Pig Armor, but that's not gonna happen. I guess I would like Razer Cortex to branch off into more games as well as maybe a Razer monitor or more software that helps with General gaming.😃
i want to see project valeriea
I like simple stuff like: mouse, headset. mouse pad or any razer bag. They are really cool!
Razer has all kind of peripheral devices now, except for monitors. I'd totally buy one. :)

True that!
Bring back something similar to the Lycosa! I loved the rubberized keys and overall feel, was sad to see it go.

How about a Razer Gaming Chair? It could have speakers in the headrest, a subwoofer in the chair that's linked to controller vibration etc. It could also have a pull out table for mouse/keyboard or something. That could be cool.

Same here!
It would be awesome if Razer can come out with flight stick (the pro ones)

Wow dude thats an epic idea!
a 24" 144HZ monitor with Green backlights. I'd pay big money for that

Lucky you! 😮
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True that!


Same here!

Wow dude thats an epic idea!

Lucky you! 😲

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I know this discussion ist 2 years old, but did anyone mention the toaster? I am always starving while gaming and this would solve my problem!
Chroma sink, that lights as water touches it, or anything really
A Razer Arm PC which can act as a deluxe alternative to the Nintendo Switch. The SnapDragon 835 from Qualcomm is to be the first Arm SoC supported and it should be more powerful than an Intel Atom found in the only other existing PC handheld the GPD-Win but it gets hot, noisy and has build quality issues.

Windows 10 Arm was just demoed at build conference 2017, was shown running Win 10 Pro with x86 emulation using 7-zip Win32 desktop app as an example. UWP apps on Win10 Store are already Arm native and can take advantage of full performance.

So go to MS and tell them you want to build an Xbox Anywhere handheld which they will cross promote.

* Get MS to port full Xbox console interface to PC and allow booting into the Xbox console UI after Windows login.
*Work with game devs to add a mobile preset for existing Xbox PC titles so they run at 720p@30fps similar to Switch, games default to this but as Arm hardware improves you can select normal/high or custom.

* Active cooling with fan so the Snapdragon 835 doesn't throttle.
* Display should be 720p IPS panel, if possible get Qualcomm to cook up their own version Adreno GPU utility equivalent to Nvidia/AMD control panels, should also be usable in Xbox full screen mode as an app.
* Use M2 SSD 128GB as internal storage and make it removable so users can replace SSD if they want.
* I think GPD-Win (x86 handheld) is better design target to follow then the Switch.
* Windows Hello facial recognition camera.
* SD card slot, USB type C ports for charging/data/video out
* UEFI not boot locked so can run other OS.
* No need for SIM card slot as MS is planning to allow for digital SIM cards to be sold via Win Store.

People will naturally be curious about Blizzard games, Steam etc and thats up to them if they make Arm native software (it's Win10Pro so not locked to Win Store).

One of the benefits of Microsofts Xbox dev environment is that it's now based around UWP so at least in theory any existing Xbox Anywhere title or ones in development should be Arm compatible providing a stream of games to play if MS claims hold up that lots more Xbox Anywhere titles are in the works.

Both the GPD-Win & Nintendo Switch are $400 more or less, a Razer PC handheld should cost more given it does a lot more than either of those devices and is marketed as a handheld Arm PC for one part of the market and an Xbox Anywhere handheld to the other parts of the market.

The technology and software pieces are all falling into place, Nintendo were quick to jump on it first but full Windows PC's in similar form factors aren't far behind.
This thread is so long it would take me a month to read it so, I'm not sure if this has been requested before. If so, sorry. :big_grin_: A Razer desktop case with programmable Chroma lighting, Up front USB ports and plenty of room for extra drives and multiple GPU's. Maybe a fan controller and system monitor in one of the bays.
Make the toaster real!
This thread is so long it would take me a month to read it so, I'm not sure if this has been requested before. If so, sorry. :big_grin_: A Razer desktop case with programmable Chroma lighting, Up front USB ports and plenty of room for extra drives and multiple GPU's. Maybe a fan controller and system monitor in one of the bays.

Yes! The one thing missing from my Razer Edition H440 case is Chroma lighting; it's stuck at green so I've had to arrange all my LEDs to match a green / purple combo look.
I would like to see keyboards with dedicated media controls, specifically a volume rocker. I used a G910 orion spark before I got my blackwidow X tournament edition and I have to say that the only thing I really miss from my orion spark is the volume control. Sure I can use the function key and the F2 and F3 buttons or I can bind the volume up and down to F11 and F12 for direct control but it really doesn't compare to a volume scroll wheel.