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What would you like to see next from Razer?

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As we're closing off the year and prepping for the new one, I'd love to hear from the community what new products you'd like to see in 2015. Let me know in the comments below!

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Fix so Mac users can use your products. All products from Razer stop working properly after the macOS update 10,15. Fix so synapse 2 or 3 works with latest macosx. Right now I cant use my products or event cant buy new headset as I planned this week. Because Razer dont work on apple anymore
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well I was going to ask, a Razer Cooking line. that could go from the ceramic hob to the oven, but I was in between one of imagining Min-Liang Tan's head. after my request.
So I would love a Razer tablet.
As we're closing off the year and prepping for the new one, I'd love to hear from the community what new products you'd like to see in 2015. Let me know in the comments below!

I think Razer should make some Pudding Style Keycaps for their keyboards.
Razer Chroma isn't an addition anymore, it's a feature now. Being able to get some pudding keycaps for the keyboards would really enchance the Chroma. Since Razer uses some propietary keys it's really hard to find any compatible set of keycaps so I think customers would really appreciate that product. HyperX keycaps example: https://www.hyperxgaming.com/spain/es/keyboards/keyboard-accessories/hyperx-pudding-keycaps

Also, making them for NA, EU, Asia... would be really important so we can all have our own set of keycaps for each different layout. (don't forget about Spain and the 'Ñ' please).
Synapse 3 for Mac! 🙂 Please! 🙂
Really need Synapse support for Mac OS. Gutted I can't currently use my Razer products.
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ISO layouts on keyboards
synapse 3 for mac....come on guys..THIS LACK IS A JOKE
I'm looking to do a fair bit of upgrading on my setup. The Blackwidow v3 pro really caught my attention, Wireless with the ability to switch between my machines with the flick of a switch is perfect. However a few things stop me from getting it:

1) Pleaaase offer a tenkeyless version, almost every review I've seen has echoed this sentiment.

2) Connectivity has been raised as an issue in a lot of reviews, having it disconnect often - especially if trying to use from further away than a few feet - interestingly this issue has not been seen in the mouse used simultaneously, it seems to be unique to the keyboard .

3) More switch options, again many reviews echoing my sentiment of wanting more switch options. With the premium price tag it would be great to see the newer opto-mechanical switches. I understand there are likely reasons behind not including them such as battery life - which is also another issue raised by reviews that seems to be lacking vs competitors.

So in aggregate, I really want to see a tenkeyless wireless keyboard with hyperspeed and capability to switch between devices - that works as intended rather than being prone to disconnects. If you manage to offer opto-mechanical switches with a better battery life then I would jump on this in a heartbeat, alongside other peripherals to compliment it.
-German layout for the Huntsman TKL (ISO)
-Sound dampening from the Huntsman Mini for the TKL
I agree on Razer giving somewhat more love to Europe!Not many products are available in Greece and not many keyboards with greek layouts(in-fact I believe only the blackwidow ultimate has a greek layout available).I would love to see a blackwidow Chroma in a Greek layout!Also razer blades and nabus available too.Last but not least,less shipping to the entire europe if not free to all of it!!!Having to pay an extra 53€ to get something shipped off the razer store is ridiculous and you should honestly make an effort to lower it or even better making shipping free for orders like 100€ and up!

I totally agree.
Better Prices
Synapse 3 for MAC OS. Razer, just be professional.
I just got the Razer Ornata v2, and I'm a Mac user. I don't understand how in almost 2 years of the release of Synapse 3, there is no possible way to get it on a Mac; I love the look of these products, but I find it hard to understand even if we are 10% or less of their community they cant take the time to help us with the addition of this as an app, available to the public.
synapse supported on iOS again
Synapse support for Mac OS. I shouldn't have to work around in Parallels.
Ability to use my Kraken Kitty headset with my Xbox One. Like. Actually, be able to plug it into the USB port to use it, instead of having to work around via Windows and the Xbox app.
Support for Mac on Synapse 3. I would love to use my Kraken Kitty Headsets to the full potential and not have to load up bootcamp whenever i want to use them!
Synapse 3 support for Mac. I feel like we are all shouting and posting here into a void.
A big fat black razer logo i can mount on my wall with chroma support (usb and wall plug).
This is the missing part to complete a perfect chroma setup.
But i think it won‘t happen so i have to build my own with the adressable controller, led strips and a cnc machine 😉
Razer Nabu utility app.

Hey guys, is there any chance that at some point you will be revisiting Razer Nabu utility app on mobile. I think we can all agree that this app is...bad to say it softly. It is working, sometimes, but this app really limits devices like Nabu X and Nabu Watch. I really love those devices, but there is no good way to control them.

I know it's old hardware but those devices weren't cheap. Nabu X was 50$ and Nabu Watch was 150$. It's quite the bummer that we can't use there devices with full potential.
Synapse for Mac Support, please!
Add Razer Synapse 3 support on Mac OS as it is really annoying you can't customise Razer products on Mac.
I'd like the back button to work again on my Death Adder on macOS Big Sur.
The feel of the BlackWidow Elite is nice, but the "silent" descriptor of the Yellow switch is hilariously wrong. Some truth in advertising (maybe "quieter"?) would be appreciated.
Keyboard with mouse pad connected and maybe even throw a mouse in for the heck of it.