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What would you like to see next from Razer?

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As we're closing off the year and prepping for the new one, I'd love to hear from the community what new products you'd like to see in 2015. Let me know in the comments below!

An in-stock 165W charger for my Razer Blade 14 for starters.....
Hammerhead True Wireless with ANC would be nice. :wink_:
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Fix your keyboard layout, the right shift and up arrow placement is why I haven't upadated my 15" 970m. Why not go back to that arrow arrangment on that keyboard?

It's weird but it just takes some getting used to. I'd much rather have full arrow keys than that arrow arrangement.
Razer chair in collaborartion with WARP gaming chair ;)

That will be a really great opportunities for both companies.

Not an advert but a collaboration proposal!
Razer improvements.

mouse-pads: black 14 inch wide pad and 17 inch pad. Razer goliathus with smaller low profile upper left corner and different regular and extended sizes.

Mice: updated mamba ultimate (wireless). ability to purchase separate wireless mouse charging cables (possibly length option; i.e. 6ft and 8ft?).

Display: raptor 24/27 inch 1080p @ 240hz and 27/32 inch 1440p @ 165/170hz.

Keyboards: price cut, standard PBT keycarps, standard wrist-rests, removable usb-c cables.

laptop stand: usb c connector option (usb a adapter?). hub includes 2 usb A, 1 display out (hdmi 2.0 or dp 1.2), and ethernet.


stealth: inclusion of the 10th gen 10710u (https://www.intel.com/content/www/us/en/products/processors/core/i7-processors/i7-10710u.html) and thunderbolt 3 (preferably with HDMI 2.1 or dp 1.4) added to the second usb c. 100-144hz screen maybe?. Dedicated sub-woofer. Fix shift key with smaller arrow keys.

blade: adding of new 10th gen H series processors (not yet released / announced), replacement of mini display port 1.4 with either thunderbolt 3 (@40gbps) or usb c @20gbps and dp 1.4 / HDMI 2.1, and an sd card reader. Dedicated sub-woofer in speakers. Fix shift key (ins, home, del, end column to the right?). increase battery capacity to circa 90wh. improved cooling allowing for at least 35 tdp at circa 80 degrees C with gpu running

blade pro: 10th gen H series and/or 8 core i9 9th gen option. adding of thunderbolt 3 to the secondary usb c (with dp 1.4 or Hdmi 2.1). 1440p display option (display panel manufacturer issue). Dedicated sub-woofer. Fix shift key (ins, home, del, end column to the right?). increase battery capacity to circa 90wh. improved cooling allowing for at least 45 tdp at circa 80 degrees C with gpu running.
Orbweaver that works in all modes Off-Line with its own onboard SW. Could use it for entering your home too then.
Razer Phone 3
Razer Phone 2 back in stock
Razer mamba ultimate with the tilt wheel. Must have the tilt wheel.
How about a 120Hz two-in-one laptablet? Apple Promotion slapped onto windows fanless machine, but not for gaming?
1) id like to see a bigger razer goliathus chroma. the extended version are too short and i ended my control recoil out of the mouse pad. at least make a xxxl version, i dont know how to call but make it bigger.
2) a 60 or 65 % keyboard with usb c. it wolud be great. nowdays is a trend that grow (see coolermaster )
3) id like to see a bigger version of razer tartarus or orbweaver, something like 25 key because 20 are not enought. in competitive, in some game there arent enought key for doing everytrhing. also whats the point in the wheel on tartarus? there is already a wheel on mouse. 2 wheel are useless. hear what says dimitri of hardware canucks or rocket jump ninja about tartarus and orbweaver. need more key, another button for switch profile because that one already used is too usefull in that position for other stuff. in fps game no one change profile during a game. this is the point! think about a keypads for fps only please.
4) rgb mouse bungee just for fan
i already have a mouse razer, a keybord razer and i need a gigant mouse pad rgb by razer and, why not, a keypads for fps and battle royal. thank you and love from italy
Razer gaming chair better than other gaming chairs.
I got the razer headphone stand for Christmas. And was pretty disappointed that the flat base with the razer logo was not a wireless charger.
Maby a version 2 of that would be cool.
A refresh on the wirelesss naga epic chroma would be an instant buy. More hyper-flux compatible mice would be sick too. And an update on the orbweaver that runs on synapse 3. I also really like the idea of a wireless TE keyboard.
An ultrawide Razer monitor
Razer gaming chair
Bring back the Razer Chroma mug and make it compatible with Synapse 3
Also was ich mir noch wünschen würde.
- Gaming Chair (So wie der Kollege oben die Bilder gepostet hat)
- 2 in 1 Gerät. So wie das Surface aber Razer mässig mit RGB und einer Ordentlichen Grafikkarte
- Das der Tomahawk, der diese Jahr raus kommt, bezahlbar wird.
- Razer Ventilator mit RGB und einen RGB Toaster
- Promition Material zu Matrix 4. Der Film soll ja 2021 kommen. Hier würde ich mir eine Zusammenarbeit mit Razer und Matrix Produktion wünschen. Immerhin benutzen sowohl Razer als auch der Matrix Code die gleichen Farben.

So what else I'd like.
- Gaming Chair (Just like the colleague above posted the pictures)
- 2 in 1 device. Just like the Surface but Razer moderately with RGB and a decent graphics card
- That the tomahawk that comes out this year will be affordable.
- Razer fan with RGB and an RGB toaster
- Promition material to Matrix 4. The film is due in 2021. Here I would like to work with Razer and Matrix Production. After all, both Razer and the Matrix Code use the same colors.
A refresh on the wirelesss naga epic chroma would be an instant buy. More hyper-flux compatible mice would be sick too. And an update on the orbweaver that runs on synapse 3. I also really like the idea of a wireless TE keyboard.

Yes to more hyperflux; it would make the investment worth it.
German Layout for Huntsman TE
With Razer Phone 3 no more, is there a chance we may have LDAC, AptX in Razer Phone 2 with next software update? This is the only thing that makes my happiness incomplete 🙂
Razer vs Warp chair edition maybe? With chroma lightning, Hypersence and IoT features (which are already available in this chair)
Razer Phone 3
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Badge +1
Razer Viper Mini (4-5th march :P)
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Razer Viper Mini (4-5th march 😜)

Congrats your wish has become true.:big_grin_:
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New Razer Naga and Orbweaver...
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a razer tablet or a gas stove, with induction hob and integrated oven.
What would i like to see? Easy.

First of all, I would like to say that that im a devoted Razer fan. I do own several keyboards and mices, Razer Blade as my main tool, Razer Seiren with dedicated mounts, Razer Phone, several razer headphones inluding Krakens and Hammerheads. However I'm also strict with my choices and apparently not every device seems to meet the standards. So, lets begin.

Razer Monitor
Raptors main drawback for me is lack of pivot position. Im a gamer, however im also .net developer. I would love to have two razer monitors because monitor is the only thing on my desk that isnt from Razer. Thus I cant really dive into the Raptor, i do like that it is 144p and 27" because after my tests it seems to be the sweet spot for physical dimensions and pixel density ratio. I would go crazy if there was an OLED panel option. However pivot option is a killer feature for monitors, and it saddens me that Razer thought that its not important.

Razer Care Store
One of my speaker grills on the Razer Phone 2 got little dents. I dont know how, maybe from my belt. It is the only thing thats made from cheap plastic. And it started to piss me off. Because i tried to take the best care of the phone i could (buing Razer Cases). When i wanted to repair this flaw under warranty, no luck, asked then if i can buy it from Razer.
Below is Razer Support's remedy to fix a piece of plastic on my phone. Provide a new one? Sell one? No... even better:

Just to set your expectation, based on your problem description the speaker grill has dents due to normal use. Please be guided that cosmetic damage, minor cosmetic abnormalities (including minor pixel abnormalities) and normal wear and tear, including (without limitation), scratches, dents, and chips.
Also, we do not sell spare parts for our mobiles so we cannot offer you one. However, we have a repair option for your affected speaker grills with a corresponding amount

Thank you. Have a good day!

- Irish

Razer Tech Support

And a second message when I asked about pricing:

The estimated repair cost for your phone to be repaired would be EURO 190.39, that's including the shipping fee and the tax. Please provide the following if you wish to proceed:

Are you goddamn insane? over 200 USD for two small plastic grills?
Why can't i get them in Razer Care Store? If you care for your fans, why cant I buy parts for my phone? Or my Razer Blade? nothing advanced.... im talking about rubber laptop feet that came off. Im happy to provide the adhesive and do the work myself. But i can't because the Store "Cares" only selectively, charging premium for phone and laptop parts (stupid plastic and rubber parts). And so Im left with support that in the end wouldn't support me.

You have to decide if you stay true to your fans, or is it just a façade. Because I'm left dissapointed and speechless...

Razer Phone 3
-OLED Screen

(120hz screen makes phone an energy hog, i never seem to use it to prolong battery life)
-Headphone jack (for gods sake, dont copy Apple with their design flaws... why?)
I like to listen to music and charge my phone in my pocket using power bank(in train) or charger(at work, I cant do it considering how the phone has been designed.
Now when my battery dies, i have to wait for an hour in order to listen to music again... It's just bad design.
It's not up to the Razer standard I'm familiar with.
- No cheap plastic parts? (as mentioned above)
- Better QI coil placement
It's much too low, most of other QI chargers cant charge Razer Phone, only the dedicated one. Im happy to buy dedicated one, dont get me wrong. However when i driving i use my Phone as GPS system, it has to charge due to massive battery drainage. And i can't get any QI car chargers from Razer.

Razer Blackwidow Forged keyboard

Ten-keyless, metal housing, metal keycaps (not exposed like in X-series), only razergreen or white backlit. The most premium keyboard you can make. There aren't any premium on the market.

Comeback of Razer Kraken Forged
You know what it is. Premium Razer Kraken for audiophiles