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What would you like to see next from Razer?

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As we're closing off the year and prepping for the new one, I'd love to hear from the community what new products you'd like to see in 2015. Let me know in the comments below!

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I'd like them to take a swing at making a desk. Stay away from all the flashy graphics and just make a very minimalistic desk. That or a office chair would be divine.
There is always where to improve 😛 but the only reqest from me would be - provide EU with your awsome Systems ! Razer Blade is just what i need , i dont want to go for Gigabyte or other .... Lets hope 2015 is not just US but EU aswell !! :)
Thank you 🙂
Christine please 😃
Since Razer is ultra good in terms of design, Razer Gaming/Stimulation Rig! I'm pretty sure if Razer decided to do this, it can pull this off EASILY !
How about a mid size, 15 inch laptop? I own one from a different manufacturer... ahem... because 14" is a little too small and 17" is a little too big. I think about 15.6" is just right.
A really decent bluetooth mouse that will work with Mac. Maybe a newer version of Razer Orochi,
Razer has all kind of peripheral devices now, except for monitors. I'd totally buy one. :)

All I would need is a Monitor/chair to make my entire setup Razer, so I would love to see a Razer monitor with high fps ^^
It would be cool to have a webcam which also tracks your eye movement so it can more accurately tell your Razer stats heatmap!
every new product release in chroma
Reading some of the responses I'd agree with a monitor or gaming chair. Also, with the design team at Razer, I'd be interested to see a full smart watch, think you guys could come up with something awesome!
I'd like to see a HOTAS rig. It's an area of the controller market that Razer has yet to touch, it's currently seeing a huge increase in demand due to titles such as Star Citizen and Elite Dangerous, and it's currently dominated by two manufacturers fielding years-old designs. There's room for Razer to bring something new there, certainly.
gaming chair, a gaming cpu, a monitor and mayb a mobile app for razer insider forum and chat system?
I would be interested in seeing a dedicated razer gaming smartphone/tablet. Tablets are a continuing growing market and consumers are constantly looking for the newest devices.
How about anything in Europe.. Nabu, Blade etc.
I'd like to see a new Razer Mamba 2015 version! Maybe someone has information about this?
Monitor, Webcam, Credit Card
Razer Racing Steering please 😃
Razer should definitely make a steering wheel for racing games.
Gaming wireless trackball please, i want to replace my logitect m570 (although it wont be a big market for it) ergonomic gaming. Target audience: obviously NOT fps, this is more for MMORPG-ers. I gw2 with a trackball 😃
Razer Monitor with:
Solid aluminum monitor stand (this is optional but should be considered)

Adjustable height of monitor on Y axis

Screen tilt up and down

360 degree swiveling along the XZ plane (enables adjustable view angles for on the fly tasks, for example Skyping a friend while cooking without having to physically re-position the whole monitor or whipping out a tablet and recalling)

90 degree swiveling along XY plane (enables vertical and horizontal orientations of monitor)

An integrated webcam with a manual mini widelens clip unless you are confident that zooming won't cause image quality to fail this is a neat feature to have.

Put the screen adjusting buttons on the side of the monitor (we really don't need to see those buttons that we'll only touch once in it's lifetime). The only button that we should see is the power button and LED.

NOTE: Don't bother with usb ports they'll never be used.
How about a streamer camera to go with the new mic?
A protective specs against the monitors would be nice without obstructing your normal view, as in colors and stuff
Either a gaming chair, or a monitor!