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What would you like to see next from Razer?

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As we're closing off the year and prepping for the new one, I'd love to hear from the community what new products you'd like to see in 2015. Let me know in the comments below!

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Already posted, but I thought i'd add that the Razer Hydra is a really cool idea, a revision could be an excellent partner with the Oculus Rift as a method of translating physical movement into digital information.
I've plastered this on your Facebook and Twitter already, but I'll throw it up here too. =)
I want a 10" or so touch pad that can connect to a PC via USB and control my live stream on Twitch. It could switch between scenes, show the stream, show the chat, start/stop the stream, show notifications when you get a follower or subscriber, and perhaps even control mic volume. This could be integrated into OBS, Xsplit and FFSplit via plugins. What do you think?
A wireless 7.1 Surround headset.
Please and thank you.
I would like to see an original computer case.
razer blade 14" with ethernet port and higher specs than 2014 version please.
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Keep those ideas coming in! We can't comment (for obvious reasons) but what I can say is that some of these ideas are actually in our roadmap right now.

The one thing I truly love about what we do at Razer is that we're pretty much designing stuff for our own use - and at the same time, designing stuff for your use.
Deffinetly Blade 2015. Make a 17 inch so you can keep the stealth bag and neoprene sleeve. Keep everything the same just top o the line graphics card and 16gb of ram. Improve material for Switchblade Ui screen (more touchpad friendly) and make it less buggy!!
I would love to see a Razer Wireless Headset for gaming like G930 Logitech but 10000X better:)

Also would not say not to a Monitor 27 inch 1ms and 144hz.

Hmm and in merchandise I would love to see a Jacket, Gloves and socks:)
How about a Razer themed chair and desk
HOTAS Joystick. ^.^

OH, and a screen protector for the Razer Blade 14".
A Razer monitor because it will be the center piece to the Razer collection 🙂
i would love to see some kind of wireless in ear head phone type of thing. maybe like Razer Hammer head wireless or Adaro in ear wireless that would work wonders while working out. I know Beats by Dre has something similar coming out but im not a fan of them.
How about a gaming pad (similar, to the junglecat) Maybe something better with haptic trackpads!? But something that is designed to work hand in hand with the modularity and open source nature of the Google ARA project. I see the potential for this as a gaming platform especially given Nvidia's minaturisation of the tegra4 platform!
I've go to admit... Iv'e seen so many great Ideas posted here. So first of all, let me say that a Razer monitor would be superb, aswell as seeing more Chroma enabled peripherals *cough* Ouroboros, but besides that, I really hope the development for Project Christine as well as the Switch Blade are going well, because I am extremly excited and truly looking forward to purchasing! A small added idea, I think it would be interesting to have room astetics, maybe a throw blanket over the back of a couch or something of the sort... But something I would really love to see come out? That would definately have to be a camera for recording. Something that has a fuction not just to record what is being seen through the lens, but to also record what's on the screen of what it's plugged in to such as a monitor or television. (possibly using HDMI, or maybe if possible, multi-fuctionallity with HDMI, RBG, and USB). With this fuction, this device, if it's made, would revolutionize the process for console gamers who want to simply record their gameplay without any crazy complicated setups. Mainly aimed at people who are simple-minded to certain technologies, AKA me. Go figure. But I hope that what I wrote is something to give a good ammount of thought towards. Thanks for the opportunity to give ideas for new Razer products. Now I think I can say that it's greatly appreciated by all of Razer's fanatics. Someone please let me know if I'm wrong, but again thanks Razer for this awesome opportunity! Hope to hear others thoughts still and if your still reading this, thanks for keeping intrest and props to you!
I would love to see a razer gaming monitor or a webcam
I would have liked to see a Razer raceing wheel with gearshift and pedals . for any raceing games 😃
Razer Toaster, anyone?

That would be the greatest thing to ever be released by razer. Toast is the best snack ever!!
Agree with a bunch of people here! A monitor would be nice. A little razer usb Fan for when it gets hot, a razer mobile phone (that would kick ass actually). Might be an idea to build a chair indeed, although I would go for a normal desk chair (not with speakers or anything).

And offcourse the Blade and Nabu for Europe!
Razer Blade Pro or Razer Blade Refresh
Chroma keyboard.
A bit thicker chassis for higher key travel.
Upgrade the CPU
Have 16 GB of Ram or both machines
1080p on blade pro
970m on both
An official Razer insider App as viewing this on mobiles is pretty awful at the moment
Razer Insider Mobile App and a Monitor!
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As we're closing off the year and prepping for the new one, I'd love to hear from the community what new products you'd like to see in 2015. Let me know in the comments below!

What about the razer switchblade was a cool concept would like to see more of that
What i would love to see is for you to update the lighting system for what i think is your best ever mouse, the mamba 4g as i love the thing to death, but is does not fit in with any of the other lighting systems as its own lighting is way out of date. It would be great to see an update on this
A monitor, a phone, a car. or all of the above. 😛