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7.1 Surround software issue

Discussion in 'Audio' started by headCosmicCobalttrend972, Aug 28, 2020.

  1. Hey everyone I have installed the razer 7.1 software. It opens up and I can login in etc. BUT under select playback device 7.1 surround isn't showing up. I have uninstalled many times and it wont come up. Any ideas?
  2. yes I'm having the issue as well please tell me if get it fixed
  3. lacyr44

    lacyr44 New Member

    I really NEED to start a new/old thread (same problem was written about in June 2020 but is locked now.

    I ONLY updated my Windows 10 today from the version 1903 to the version 2004 and now my sound is broken with Razer Synapse software running. It has really BAD crackling sounds, but if I turn Synapse off then the sound WAS OK.
    But more complication!!! I am hard of hearing so I use Synapse to boost the sound and to give me surround-sound. It really worked great for me for MORE than the last 12 years.

    So trying to FIX IT I uninstalled the Razer Synapse software and tried to reinstall it but if NEVER finishes. It comes up with a screen saying it is installing but it never finishes. AND NOW after uninstalling Synapse I get the bad crackling sound ALL of the time.

    Then I tried rebooting and have absolutely NO SOUND AT ALL???

    PLEASE help and who should I go to, the hardware manufacture RealTek, Razer who makes Synapse or to Microsoft who made the update that BROKE my brand new gaming laptop, and since it is almost Friday I won't get ANY TECH SUPPORT until next week, if at all??

    I had the older Razer Synapse 2.10

    Thanks to ALL
  4. Grim-Sanity

    Grim-Sanity New Member

    I have the same issue since 24 august, even after stating that the playback device doesn't show they keep telling me to select it, their support team is clueless to what doesn't show means. don't expect any helpful reply's from them anytime soon
  5. TVOddGamer

    TVOddGamer New Member

    I have it installed and can select the device but its Stereo not Surround. Cannot open the programs menu just use the tray icon stuff.

    Using a Kraken X
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