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  1. flowEarthYellow562

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    Can you do one mouse for people with large hands, even razer death adder, i hold it just with finger tips and i have no grip. And mouse with laser or weight above 100g are useless for competetive games. My hands 19 cm lenght 12 width. Since i grow my hand i don't have any grip at all. I remember when i was kid i would have sick grip and be every game best on the server... I don't believe it there is not single mouse on market for large hands. Even 130mm is not enough on leght i need at least 140 and width at least 80, disgusting to see another small mouse, i am not buying anything your products suck anyways... I am better on office mouse for 3$ than on razer da...
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  2. Dr_Axton

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    I know the feel. Mine is not that wide, but about same length, and as a result I grab my mamba only with my fingers while the rest of the palm is pretty much in the air. The only thing that I think of fitting to a big hand is naga, but it's mostly because is chubby and curved, which puts my hand into more claw-like position. Personally for me at least a bit longer mouse with quad or hex side buttons would work
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