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Anyone managed to fix BlackShark V2 Sidetone volume?

Discussion in 'Razer Support' started by xFinalLight, Aug 20, 2020.

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  1. xFinalLight

    xFinalLight New Member

    I have to crank up my headset volume to max and my game volumes to like 15~20% before I can hear myself.
    Everything in synapse is maxed out, and mic boost also enabled.

    I sound loud when i click the mic test, but the sidetone itself is extremely quiet.
    I've been really frustrated, this is my first Razer product and I was so hyped after checking out all the reviews on Youtube of these headsets.

    Someone please help!
  2. Brobnodagain

    Brobnodagain New Member

    Hello again xFinalLight, I've been in a back and forth with the Razer support team since Aug 8th abouts. Got a phone call from them today, they're convinced the quiet sidetone is faulty. (I doubt that). They told me they have five of them for testing and none of them had that problem. So I agreed to do an RMA to see. I'll reply in a few days when the new one arrives and let you know if it is a solution.
  3. xFinalLight

    xFinalLight New Member

    Yeah please let me know the result of your RMA, if it truly is faulty i'm sending mine back also.
    I expected more from Razer to be honest
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  4. xFinalLight

    xFinalLight New Member

    Hey buddy got any update yet? i saw someone reply to me on reddit that they used the USB soundcard from a different razer headset and their sidetone was way louder now.
    Did Razer solve your problem?
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  5. Brobnodagain

    Brobnodagain New Member

    Hey xFinalLight, I just got the replacement today about 30 min ago. Trying it out now, it is significantly better than what it was before. Even without turning the knob up on the headphones, I can hear myself well. The RMA fixed my problem. Although be warned, it took quite a while to do as you've seen.
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  6. xFinalLight

    xFinalLight New Member

    hmm then i'll apply for a RMA also, thanks for taking the time to reply mate
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  7. TW1SM

    TW1SM Member

    I just got the BlackShark V2 Pro and I noticed right away that the sidetone is very low. I got my Kraken TE out and its soooo much louder on the Kraken TE. I don't understand why its so low on the Blackshark.
  8. xFinalLight

    xFinalLight New Member

    yeah it's a huge shame, don't want to go through the entire RMA process.
    If Razer can't fix this with a software update i'll sell it and never buy a razer product again honestly.
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  9. Thews101

    Thews101 New Member

    Same problem
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  10. retroBurgundybox777

    retroBurgundybox777 New Member

    Same here, been scratching my head for several days now, glad it's not just me.
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  11. Somemeat23

    Somemeat23 New Member

    That kind of sucks that it is not an issue that they can fix with an update. My headset has virtually no sidetone.
    I will be returning it. Debating on ordering another set
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  12. Flash158

    Flash158 New Member

    I have tried two BlackShark V2 pros and the problem is the same, the sidetone is unusable on them. Also I have tried all "soulutions" they provided on the online chat, but I think they just dont care to solve it....

    On the other hand the sidetone on the wired V2 worked flawlessly....

    So the problem is the synapse software and not the mics on them... so easy fix but they dont car
  13. Benito218

    Benito218 New Member

    Did you do the following:

    To enable sidetone:
    1. Open the Sound window by clicking Start > Control Panel > Hardware and Sound > Sound (instructions vary depending on your Control Panel view).
    2. Click the Recording tab.
    3. Click the headset you would like to test, and then click the Propertiesbutton. The Transmit Properties window appears.
    4. Check the Listen to this device box.
    5. Click Apply.
    I wasn’t able to hear sidetone well through enabling it in synapse.

    I did the above and now can hear myself very well when mic is on. No way to adjust but I think I’ll get used to the current level. I just kept the sidetone button to “off” in synapse now since that doesn’t seem to work as well.

    Hope this helps.
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  14. Flash158

    Flash158 New Member

    Firstly, thank you for the reply.
    Unfortunately for me, I have tried the "listen to this device" in windows menu, but it does not solve the problem because it is not low latency and there is a huge delay in the sidetone there.... So it is not usable because of the long delay.

    But again thank u for your reply.
  15. Benito218

    Benito218 New Member

    Makes sense. There is a little delay, correct, but I think I’ll get used to it maybe lol.
  16. FreakingLegend

    FreakingLegend New Member

    I just now did this, and it worked! Thank you so much :D
  17. UnevenDanglies

    UnevenDanglies New Member

    Same Problem. I thought Razor were good headphones. I have the Razor Blackhawk v2 x and the volume is WAY too low in game. WHY? Why would you send these out knowing the volume, even with all the volume settings set to MAX is way too low. I am disappointed in these headphone and would NOT recommend players to buy these. I got mine in a Razor bundle that has a keyboard and mouse so i cannot just return these headphone and i am now stuck with these .. piece of $&^#. Sound is good everything works but seriously the volume is way too low.

    I DO NOT recommend buying these when this problem persists.
  18. gfoRazerId

    gfoRazerId New Member

    THANKS! Thanks! Gracias! Works perfect now!
  19. Hi guys. Hope I will find someone still active on this theme. I have bought BlackShark v2 Pro and when I play Warzone or listen to music I have some strange sound feeling. Like my gun shoots, footsteps and all important sounds while gaming sounds suppressed or distant while bass and environmental sounds are so f... loud. While my Razer Tiamat works perfectly. Anyone experienced something like that?
  20. FoundinOnePiece

    FoundinOnePiece New Member

    I just got this headset the other day, really like it but one of the main reasons I got it was for mic monitoring, which I cannot get to work at all. Is the only solution to get a new one? It does not seem like this thread has any other way of solving this unless something has come out recently?
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