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Discussion in 'Systems' started by Hobo2020, May 24, 2020.

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  1. Hobo2020

    Hobo2020 New Member

    Hi, I've got the RZ-02202E75 17.3 Razer Blade Pro with a cracked screen. Not necessarily a problem most days as I have an external monitor connected. But now I need access to the BIOS and bios doesn't display on the external monitor. I've tried different button combos with different timing. Still can't see bios on the external. Any suggestions on how to proceed?
  2. Ragnarblade

    Ragnarblade New Member

    Do you know how to open up the laptop ? if you do , check out the laptop hinge area , there is usually a cable that runs to the motherboard. That is the display connector (running from the panel ) to the motherboard for most of the laptop models, including razer's. if you manage to disconnect that cable from the motherboard , it will not detect the presence of the laptop display panel during boot up and the bios display will be shown onto the external monitor instead.

    that is probably the only i am aware of that you can get the bios screen to be shown on external monitor as the USB C display or HDMI display is only loaded after windows boot up sequence.
  3. Hobo2020

    Hobo2020 New Member

    That didn't work. I had already tried this method based on an online video . I disconnected all cables going to the monitor but it still won't display bios. I appreciate your reply.
  4. Ragnarblade

    Ragnarblade New Member

    another method is to look for a remote desktop software and use another PC to remotely control your laptop and configure bios
  5. Hermanator

    Hermanator Well-Known Member

    This only works after the OS boots. What he needs to access is accessed before the OS boots.
  6. Hobo2020

    Hobo2020 New Member

    I pretty much solved my own problem

    Without a working screen it made reinstalling Windows impossible since not only can I not see the boot screen, but Windows installer only loads default drivers and won't display on External Monitor.

    Here is the workaround I performed.

    I used NTlite to slipstream the Nvidia 1060 drivers into the Windows ISO.

    I then took a different computer and used it to run the standard Windows installer to do the formatting and copy Windows files to my NVME drive. When it was ready to restart I turned off the computer and put the NVME drive in the Razer Blade Pro.

    To my amazement as it booted to the OOBE it almost immediately displayed on the external monitor and I finished the install.

    Since I can't access BIOS I think my only reasonable alternative is to do a BIOS mod in order to change the settings and just load it as a BIOS update. This way hopefully I can alter BIOS and maybe even unlock extra options.

    I likely won't do anything with the BIOS since I have what I want tho.

    Razer Support, I hope you'll agree that allowing folks to access BIOS with an external monitor is not only reasonable but necessary. Why should a broken screen practically brick a system? What if someone needs to run recovery after a screen breaks and storage crashes? Alot of users are not comfortable with going to these lengths and for good reason.

    NTlite to Slipstream Nvidia drivers > Put NVME in different computer > Run installer and turn off computer after files done copying > Connect NVME to Razer Blade > Finish Windows OOBE on the Razer Blade > Profit
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