BLADE PRO 17 RTX 30 SERIES | Ultra-Fast. Ultra-Thin. Ultra-Powerful.

Discussion in 'Systems' started by Dekades, Jan 12, 2021.

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    GTFL_DAD New Member

    It has arrived !

    F127ECB5-FCF6-4DF7-A03C-5B84B52A3FDD.jpeg 197BD779-5307-4F7F-B20A-3D99966A885B.jpeg 909762EA-5BE1-4D96-993B-F3C5E5EB13FB.jpeg 54DE842C-5E7B-4842-95A1-CE4E33ABF95A.jpeg
  2. Groumm

    Groumm New Member

    I've receive mine too ! Order ten days ago.. so fasst
    Could you confirm the tgp ils max 100watts? With no Dynamic boost 2.0? I've scared.
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    GTFL_DAD New Member

    I see 100 Watts which is what I expected but I also see Dynamic Boost 2.0 yes.
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  4. Groumm

    Groumm New Member

    Compare to other rtx 3080 laptop, hits 100watts is a bit short.. i dont see Dynamic boost option in NVIDIA panel. I will try to make a review.
  5. Joikansai

    Joikansai Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    Did you try playing around with synapse profile? On older blade model switching that increase the cpu and gpu tdp. Dynamic boost might not be optimized yet, from other brands review apparently when cpu runs on lower tdp the gpu will boost some wattage.
  6. Kohaashi

    Kohaashi New Member

    Will Razer be offering the Pro 17 with a RTX 3080 and a QHD display? By excluding the QHD option I feel like Razer are trying to push me towards the 4K, but instead I wonder whether I would be better dropping down to the 3070.

    1080P is too low for 17”, in my opinion, but 4K is too high. I feel I would get better performance playing at native if I were to get the 3070 + QHD model over the 3080 + 4K.

    Any official word on this?
    I’d be annoyed if I were to get a 3070 + QHD, for Razer to then release a 3080 + QHD.

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  7. rjkrejci

    rjkrejci New Member

    I agree 1080p is too low for the 17". I returned mine and got the 4k with 2080 super last year. I agree that QHD would be "just right".

    I'm betting there won't be too much difference in performance between the 3070 and 3080 based on the small differences in performance between the 2070 and 2080 in the Razers and that the mobile 3080 is so pared down in features compared to the desktop. I suppose benchmarks will tell the story.

    GTFL_DAD New Member

    I would like to get an extra power adapter for the 2021 4k 17" pro. Does anyone know which one to get? Nothing says this model but would any from the 2020 17" 4k version work as well?
  9. Joikansai

    Joikansai Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    Here’s benchmarks from a user. He has other gaming play video as well.

    This model I’m pretty sure use same 230 watt AC adapter as previous models and blade 15 advanced models that use 230 watt one.
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  10. GTFL_DAD

    GTFL_DAD New Member

    Love the video. I am seeing the same kind of performance in 4k which is just awesome!
  11. Groumm

    Groumm New Member

    This is the GPU SPEC. RAZER, please up graphic power to 120-140w !! You have to kill the competition with this machine. It has the best cooling system ! The fan noise is very quiet, even in boost mode, so let's go !

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  12. XrayNorthWest

    XrayNorthWest Member

    The Fire Strike score is approx. 12% better than the last Alienware M17 R3 RTX 2080 Super I tested with OC'ing.

    That said, the Fire Strike benchmark is really not great at capturing where the improvements are going in these GPUs. It would be great to see a Time Spy Extreme benchmark of the RB 17 4K with RTX 3080 as that would be a better analysis of some of the improvements in the three series cards.
  13. mozila80

    mozila80 Well-Known Member

    laptop with rtx wow
  14. GTFL_DAD

    GTFL_DAD New Member

    Wanted to share my favorite new mobile gaming station !

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  15. Kohaashi

    Kohaashi New Member

    I was about to pull the trigger on one of these until I realised that they don’t have a DisplayPort.

    That means no external support for 3440x1440 at 120Hz with GSYNC. (Alienware AW3420DW).

    Looks like Razer has switched to the less popular HDMI 2.1 connection - good for new oled TVs - bad for monitors.

    It’s a shame that Razer couldn’t also support DP via USBC or ditch the Thunderbolt port and give us MiniDP.
  16. Joikansai

    Joikansai Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    Usb c should do what display port does, since probably TB3 connected directly to CPU other usb c maybe to gpu which means can pull out g sync, it’s similar with blade 15 usb c that I saw from users can pull out g sync.
  17. Flashie08

    Flashie08 New Member

    Aww, dammit! I was finding this was ticking all the right boxes for my requirements (light, thin, 17", gaming power, good looks, camera, etc.) and now I've just seen that it has no number pad!
    I know you can get separate number pads but that's not good for me as I need the number pad for work and don't want the faff of an attachment. Why they couldn't have one on a 17" chassis escapes me!
    Oh well, back to square one on the laptop search :slightly_sad:
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  18. Kohaashi

    Kohaashi New Member

    It appears that the TB3 port may support DP with just a TB3 USBC connection to DP.

    As a result I’m going to order one and if it doesn’t work then I’ll just return it. I have reached out to a Razer for clarification regarding DP support to save the hassle of a potential return, but no reply.
  19. FlaminGamingTV

    FlaminGamingTV New Member

    What a beast i want one
  20. rjkrejci

    rjkrejci New Member

    Here's a great detailed review of the top end Razer 17 Pro 3080. I have last years same exact model (I upgraded to 32MB 3200 memory like the new one has), with the only difference being I have the 2080 Super Maxq vs the 3080, so quite an apples to apples comparison.

    Their results are very consistent with the video review posted above.

    I'm somewhat relieved that the differences aren't that much between mine and the new one. For 3dMark, I'm seeing only about a 14% improvement in all the scores comparing with the 3080 vs mine:
    Port Royal: 5842 mine vs. 6686 new
    Timespy Graphics: 9494 mine vs 10898 new
    Firestrike Graphics: 24206 mine vs 26486 new

    And the overall performance benchmarks are actually a little lower on the new one, but basically the same.
    PcMark Score 6609 mine vs 6531 new

    All in all, certainly not worth the upgrade for me and definitely not in the same ballpark of the improvements seen in the desktop 2080 vs 3080, but still a killer laptop/game machine. Basically only so much juice and heat dissipation with these thin laptops.
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