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Discussion in 'Systems' started by Dekades, Jan 12, 2021.

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  1. Joikansai

    Joikansai Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    I don’t have the pro 2021 but dynamic boost isn’t something to set but you can check if it’s applied or not on system information like this, that’s my book 13 paired with Rtx 3070 on Razer core setting, the cpu is ultra low wattage that doesn’t support it apparently.
    Is the stand also off? I’m assuming yes since your laptop off and it’s powering the stand so no power delivery. Not sure mine, dock isn’t lighted but on sleep mode the viper logo on, and battery alway 100%, however in my case my core v2 always plugged on separate ac adapter to power the corev2.
  2. webmich

    webmich Member

    I turned the Blade off and checked every USB-A port individually with my iphone and the iphones charging cable. only one of the two ports on the left side of the Blade is charging the phone while the blade is turned off.

    Adding the Chroma Stand in between is disableling the charging.

    So what i did is connecting the Viper Ultimate Charing Station direktly to that one USB port on the side an now i can set the mouse on the station after using it and its charging the mouse even if the Blade is turned of.
  3. 4K2HD

    4K2HD Member

    Thanks! I found it in System Info and is in fact ON.
    Issue was that in 2080 or 20 series models it is actually a feature that can be turned on or off under 3D Settings while in 30 serires is just ON or OFF by default depending on OEM.

    Thanks Again!
  4. Sana po mag ka cellphone po ako plss sana mabasa ito plsss
  5. webmich

    webmich Member

    New Alienware Laptops are able to use much more PowerTarget for their new Laptops so maybe @razer consider updating your 17“ with a new Bios with increased PowerTarget for the GPUs aswell.
  6. KingCount

    KingCount New Member

    @razer What's going on with the tiger lake refresh? Every single 17" is now sold out on the online store
  7. Joikansai

    Joikansai Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    It needs higher ac adapter then, current one is only 230 watt similar with blade 15. Yeah Alienware I think they also use liquid metal as well, not against it though but it’s still more risky than normal thermal compound, tldr they push you to buy their expensive longer guarantee plan imo, and I think it’s more expensive than Razer care. Not mentioned their previous models since moved to this thin and light categories are disappointing from thermal to user upgradeable parts. Don’t get me wrong they are great in term performance and I like it, but i prefer cooler unit on a laptop than performance.
    The pro line refresh usually comes later hopefully it’ll be soon and also blade stealth, there’s already 3050ti for that actually.
  8. webmich

    webmich Member

    Is it possible to get more then 60Hz when using optimus on this one?

    Have to trick the display by adding custom resolution with CRU to get more then 60Hz (144 ist possible with optimus)

    Isnt there a way to get more then 60Hz without using CRU?
  9. RiccoRainaVjBGMi

    RiccoRainaVjBGMi New Member

    Slim design on table.. Deadly on lobby
  10. webmich

    webmich Member

    No possibility to load XMP with bios 1.03 no more …. on 1.01 it was possible!
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