[Bug] Synapse gets stuck with a random key !!! really mad with this bug !!!

Discussion in 'Razer Synapse' started by zaniocz, Apr 17, 2022.

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  1. zaniocz

    zaniocz New Member

    I would like to express my pretty high rage with this bug in words !! but this time I would like to know if this stupid bug is a known issue, this happened to me while playing and that increased the rage I got when I hope to be focused on winning !!!!!
    I have a Razer Tartarus Pro, and Razer Naga Pro, and I have setup keys to interact with them at the same time through Hypershift as that is the only way to access more keys from one device to another Switching back to previous keymap, the PROBLEM is, that in a random moment, any key is stuck, and keep pressed infinite time, not matter if you disconnect the tartarus hardware or the keyboard hardware or even the mouse from the pc, the only way to stop the bug is to KILL the razer synapse process in the task manager in Windows and killing those process solves the problem, that is the way I realized that the problem is with Synapse, as you can imagine, the rage I got in that moment is epic !!! because it affects the gameplay experience and mostly when you are playing coop in a team.
    I have Synapse 3.7.331.32911
    Let me know if you need more details
  2. I have a similar issue using my tartarus v2, though, with it, it's just the dpad, and i can just hit the button again to 'clear' it. Still the bug drives me insane, and make it hard to recommend the product to people. If you hit the offending button(s) again, does it clear?
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  3. zaniocz

    zaniocz New Member

    No, it never clears, the key in my case is a random key, not the same, but is associated with some shortcut, and keeps pressed eternally, this problem happened to me this week like 7 times, but I can't detect a pattern, I was thinking on record my keys while playing to check what shortcut is triggering it, if there isn't someone else experiencing the same problem, I think this could be my complex shortcut system I have
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