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  1. idfwyao

    idfwyao New Member


    I just bought a cynosa lite and abyssus lite set and neither of them are detected by razer synapse. I Bought it off a razer flagship store in Thailand and I'm running on MacOS Sierra. Also, when I tried registering the product and serial number, it tells me that the serial and product numbers don't match. Can someone assist me please?
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  2. 0MonkMaster0

    0MonkMaster0 New Member

    Hi, I had a razer mamba mouse and a Mac. At first I was able to run it with synapse but after a while the software wouldn’t detect my mouse anymore. However, it still detects my mousepad so maybe I was thinking that maybe it’s something wrong with the software, not sure. I just registered my new mouse and I encountered the exact same problem as you. Apparently upon furthermore inspection, the product number turned out to be wrong for my item. I searched online for the bundle you were talking about and found this product number. This may or may not be your product number. (The product number on my device didn’t match the ones online so I thought maybe that’s the same problem with your devices) Hope this helped
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