Chroma suddenly stops working

Discussion in 'Razer Chroma' started by SlimSwiss, Dec 15, 2018.

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  1. SlimSwiss

    SlimSwiss New Member

    I have FireFly, Mamba mouse, and keyboard all synced up and it worked for a while but recently the chroma won't let me eitherchange the preset/color or it wont show any light at all. I've unpluggd everything plugged back in, nothing. I've reset the software, nothing. But if I go into a game like fortnite or even youtube sometimes, it pops back on. Anyone know whats going on or have any suggestions? thanks!
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  2. SlimSwiss

    SlimSwiss New Member

    UPDATE: Chroma is back up and working again, my case lighting service accidentally messed with it.
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  3. BladeOlson

    BladeOlson New Member

    I have a similar setup and since yesterday nothing lights up. I just installed a new GFX card , maybe it has some lighting effects? How did you figure your issue out?
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  4. SlimSwiss

    SlimSwiss New Member

    A littlewhile after I posted the update my setup stopped working again. My computer also started bugging a lot to the point where I didnt use it for a good week and a half.

    I narrowed my problems down to 2 things, 1 being my graphics driver was buggy or 2 being that one of my peripherals was bugging my system.

    I deleted the most recent driver, went back to an older one, and nothing changed. I switched to the newest update today since they just released it and so far no bugs.

    I used to have Asus Aura installed on my pc and I deleted it, but when I went to delete my driver I realized it was still there. Long story short it wont let me delete it so that may be whats bugging the system out. I'll update you to see if my problem goes away.

    (FYI I forgot to mention that I have since deleted all Razer apps/data from my pc since I had to rule that out for the issues. If everything goes well with this new driver then I will re-install and see if it works)

    My reccomendation to you would to change your graphics driver or check your peripherals. Hope that long bedtime story of an answer helps you lol. Have a good one
  5. SlimSwiss

    SlimSwiss New Member

    Note that if I do re-install Razer apps I will be sticking to Snyapse 2, not 3.
  6. SlimSwiss

    SlimSwiss New Member

    Alright update time:

    The new driver was perfect, no problems, no black screens, no audio shortages, nothing. I said sweet, let me try to install Synapse again, that was a big no no. Ever since I installed snyapse evrything has gone crappy again. So now I have to go through the pain of deleting that again, whcih sucks because I worked hard to get this stuff and now I cant even use it. So @Razer Admin please fix synapse or give me a reason why its not synapse messing with my system.
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