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Controlling multiple Devices via multiple Apps

Discussion in 'Razer Synapse' started by DylShock, Jan 15, 2020.

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  1. DylShock

    DylShock New Member

    I have a Huntsman Elite keyboard which has a specific profile that's controlled via the Chroma Studio app. I also have an Emote Display that can only be controlled via the Streamer Companion app. Activating either application overrides the other and removes it's control of ALL Razer devices.

    I want the Chroma on my keyboard keys to react to my inputs in specific ways, which can only be done with Chroma Studio controlling it. As soon as I activate the Streamer Companion app, the keyboard Chroma stops responding and remains static. The Chroma Studio app is grayed out and states that the "Streamer Companion app is currently controlling your devices."

    If I venture into the Streamer Companion app, I haven't selected my keyboard to be used with ANY of it's functions whatsoever and have no way of returning it's control over to Chroma Studio without forcing Chroma Studio to take control over all of my devices, rendering the Emote Display unusable.

    Is this an issue anyone else is having and is it fixable?
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