Future of Synapse 3 and Synapse 2 devices?

Discussion in 'Razer Synapse' started by BlueSoulSlayer, Oct 9, 2021.


Should Legacy devices be supported by synapse 3? Should new devices support Synapse 2?

  1. Yes, Yes

  2. Yes, No

  3. No, Yes

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  4. No, No

  5. Depends on what Razer does

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  1. BlueSoulSlayer

    BlueSoulSlayer New Member

    First of all, do I need Razer central? All I need is just the standalone Synapse 3.0. I can see that they are trying to making an environment but why is Razer forcing it on everyone? All I need is probably the bare essentials since I'm just an average gamer.

    Secondly, how long will Razer Synapse 2 for? Cause I encountered the continuous forever update (on Synapse 2 for Orbweaver) bug. I keep updating and they keep on notifying me there's an update for framework or something. I managed to manually fix it myself by uninstalling all and deleting all Razer things and install Synapse 2 first. Will more Synapse 2 devices get supported (like the orbweaver and many many more devices)?

    Lastly, is there any way to make my basilisk (version 1) be able to run like factory default not synapse 3 factory default? (Since I can't have my orbweaver to work in synapse 3) I want my basilisk to run in synapse 2.0. Is there a way you can make my basilisk run in synapse 2 only and not get forced to run synapse 3? And no I DO NOT want to go to support to ask for help and then get told to ask them privately to be told they can't help. I just want ACTUAL help from people/public, not people who can't.
    Edit: Also forgot to mention I would be happy if the orbweaver and many other synapse 2 devices are supported in synapse 3 because there is a lot of unhappy gamers/people with 2 synapses on their computers. As a gamer, I don't like having multiple software and having to manage my devices on a different software with the same brand. I'm supposed to be thinking about enjoying playing games and customizing my devices for gaming easily but no I have to worry about two synapses.

    I thought this was made for gamers by gamers but I wonder why I am here with Razer products if Razer can't support their older gamers/users.
    Ty for reading ♥
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  2. FiszPL

    FiszPL Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    It would be nice, that at least some of the Chroma compatible Synapse 2.0 devices will be supported in Synapse 3. But IMO it won't happen unfortunatelly.
  3. BlueSoulSlayer

    BlueSoulSlayer New Member

    It's such a shame all I want is some code for devices to make legacy devices work with synapse 3 but Razer invested their time and money into Razer currency (Razer Pay) but I won't blame them for trying to make more money but not supporting the older gamers(/users) is sad and it shows what happens when you're on the other side. Even a module for synapse 2 devices to be able to sync the lighting in the synapse 3 would be nice since they have so many modules for lighting. Some news would be great rn.
  4. FiszPL

    FiszPL Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    I'd try some 3rd party software for this. Dunno if the supported devices list is updated, but give it a try: https://www.project-aurora.com/
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