how do u unscrew your keyboard after dumping a cub of coffee

Discussion in 'Keyboards' started by Lightning2200, Aug 30, 2021.

  1. Lightning2200

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    im trying to clean my Keyboard out and i have no clue in how to clean out my "Razer Ornata Chroma Gaming Keyboard" and what to even do for that mater when it comes to cleaning it out. it gotten into the heart of the board so some keys dont work while others stick together. for 85 bucks i want to do my best to clean this out. its not like a cheap China amazon board for 30 bucks..

    tho i dont know if theres a pro i can go to that would clean out the keyboard on its own. u can feel the weight of the board now thats how much i think is still suck inside..

    i have been trying to find highly detailed videos from start to finish and i am unable to find any about this mater. mostly videos i find is for simple cleaning or the never show how t open the board up..
  2. Sye_The-Vie

    Sye_The-Vie Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    When I went to primary school, I recall my IT teacher taught me an important lesson
    • Never bring foods and drinks near the computer
    Maybe the following video from youtube can help

    Once you breakdown your keyboard, use Isopropyl Alcohol with tissue to cleanse off coffee stains
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