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List the model number in comments and age of your Razer gaming keypads?

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  1. My Razer Tartarus died on me last week, i think i got a lemon and the worst thing is that I barely used the Keypad over the past year - its still like new and I still keep the packaging for storage.

    I bought from BNL Trading LTD in my country (Mauritius) listed as authorized distributor of Razer Products
    I used the keypad for few times (less than a month usage) during the year since am not hard core gamer.
    What i can say if that sometimes before the keypad died on me, I got notification to update the Razer Synapse, so I updated it and then somehow the keypad died on me while i was using the keypad.

    I went online and noticed that Mauritius is not listed on their support page to put address. So i had to input USA as country so that I could contact support. Managed to open a case and support was very nice, isolated the concern and were ready for a replacement however they wont because of outside of warranty policy. The way they were very quick for replacement gave me hint that their products have high malfunction numbers and needed replacement.

    Well I got a lemon...will be careful with Razer products.

    If in any case you are from developing country, be careful with Razer and Razer brand products as they are quite expensive and may fail and need replacement. Use the products a lot within the warranty period, if there are any manufacturing defects, it will show immediately within the warranty period.

    My mistake was that I used the keypad for some specific design sofwares and used few times. within the warranty period and it failed some months past warranty period.

    Main reason to be careful:
    • While checking reviews online and youtube review, Razer as a product is not well viewed and their products have high malfunction or defective numbers and needs replacement very often...
    • Careful of old stock or low quality batches or stock dumping in developing countries.
    • Product may fail after warranty period - I think that might be reason why their software always needs to connect online to sync information to know warranty status of product.
    Well be careful, do your research on after sales and replacement before purchasing specially if you are in a developing country cause Razer products are quite expensive. Purchase with full knowledge that product might need to be replaced very often and may not be that reliable...

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    This was very helpful as i was going to buy a razer keypad but i didnt know what to watch out for
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