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MAC OS Synapse do not detect mouse after restart system

Discussion in 'Razer Synapse' started by RedpaX, Nov 15, 2019.


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  1. RedpaX

    RedpaX New Member

    iMac 2019 and MAC OS Catalina Synapse does not detect the razer deathadder elite mouse after a system reboot. To detect the mouse, I have to unplug/plug USB after every system reboot.
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  2. RedpaX

    RedpaX New Member

    Technical support Do you ignore the problem?:confused_:
  3. lancelotliu

    lancelotliu New Member

    Same problem here - no matter how many times I plug and unplug Synapse for Mac does not detect the mouse. Same system.
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  4. RedpaX

    RedpaX New Member

    This is another problem. You have a fake mouse. try to registration serial number of mouse on the razer site.
  5. lancelotliu

    lancelotliu New Member

  6. lancelotliu

    lancelotliu New Member

    I have already successfully registered the serial number of the mouse. And that also happens to be the place I was made aware of the "hopefully wonderful" piece of software that is synapse...
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  7. RedpaX

    RedpaX New Member

    This is important to know there are those who do not have such a problem? After loading the mouse, it detects at the synapse?
  8. ohsick

    ohsick New Member

    So frustrated with the lack of support for macOS...
  9. wacit91662

    wacit91662 New Member

    razer claims to support mouse on mac but it’s not true, I have the same problem!!! :mad_:
  10. Stillmouse

    Stillmouse New Member

    Yes i have too
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  11. RedpaX

    RedpaX New Member

    proof video
  12. RedpaX

    RedpaX New Member

  13. metatron23

    metatron23 New Member

    Indeed, Synapse 2 is not (yet) supported on Catalina. My mouse "works" the same way as yours.
    And we are all waiting for Synapse 3 to be released for Catalina (no support for my keyboard on Catalina).
  14. RedpaX

    RedpaX New Member

    Are you serious? Synapse 3 for Catalina? Synapse 3 still status beta for Windows already 1 or 2 years. We will never get synapse 3 on the MAC OS. it's impossible
  15. metatron23

    metatron23 New Member

    Well some optimism would be good no :smile_: It only depends on the willingness of Razer if they will release S3 for Mac. Even though S3 is in beta for Windows for such a long time it doesn't mean that they can't develop S3 for Mac as well. Other companies do support both (some also all 3) systems at the same time.
  16. RedpaX

    RedpaX New Member

    as i know RAZER did not official declare of development the Synapse 3 for MAC.
  17. metatron23

    metatron23 New Member

    True, but word is around that they might start working on it. Razer support suggested that we send our feedback to them (developers) and express our concerns regarding this. Maybe this would help (I wrote to them, can not harm right :)
  18. zAppledot

    zAppledot New Member

    When i contacted support earlier today they indicated that it was on their roadmap but could not give a estimated release. I am hoping they release something soon.
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  19. RedpaX

    RedpaX New Member

  20. tap112

    tap112 New Member

    I just bought a deathadder and I am getting the "please connect a razer enabled device". Im on EL CAPITAN. Can somebody please tell me what OS version this software works on?
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