MAC OS Synapse do not detect mouse after restart system

Discussion in 'Razer Synapse' started by RedpaX, Nov 15, 2019.


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  1. hpatt23

    hpatt23 New Member

    I called customer service and the guy said it doesn’t work on Catalina , I’m pretty sure it works on Mojave but I don’t know how to revert my computer back to it.
  2. astaroth2k

    astaroth2k New Member

    What a bad experience so far with Razer and Mac.. I almost regret to have made this choice of getting again a Razer product. The mouse not detected issue should have been fixed far quicker and it shows ho much care is given. Also the problem is that hardware companies take far too long to know how to code properly. Also in my opinion, that fact that you cannot save the led and button configurations in the mouse itself and have to load the bloated application to apply at each reboot those changes is really bad. It might be seen nowadays as a required step to be able to collect constant data, but to the customer this is pushing me to look elsewhere next time. So is it worth? Time will tell.
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  3. tap112

    tap112 New Member

    It doesn't. I upgraded from El Capitan to Mojave today and it still doesn't work. I also deleted and reinstalled synapse to make sure. So it does not work on any Mac OS? What a piece of garbage.
  4. corey.perkins

    corey.perkins New Member

    How hard is this? Ubuntu and Windows 10 support it out of the box? WTF!
  5. This is pretty frustrating.
    Why can't I setup my Razer Mamba Wireless on mac Catalina.
    It doesn't seem too much to ask that a $60 mouse work with every OS.
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  6. Tanakas33

    Tanakas33 New Member

    Same problem here... So frustrating
  7. Muckypaws

    Muckypaws New Member

    Razer dont give a toss about mac support its dire, and as per normal they ignore any posts asking about it on here and on facebook - Razer products look cool but their support is lacking big time, they need to wake and fecking listen
  8. romeike2003

    romeike2003 New Member

    RAZER, This is just great BS!!! No software support for my Viper Ultimate for iOS. Essentially we are buying a product, which doesn't have all the features it claims to have. This is a scam! I'm going to ask for a refund.
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  9. byteBuffONYX323

    byteBuffONYX323 New Member

    I use a razer viper mini and even after doing this it still doesn't work...
  10. crispyhashbrowns

    crispyhashbrowns New Member

    September 11th, 2020 and still no support on Catalina 10.15.4.

    Just spent $130 on the Deathadder v2 and Goliathus Extended Chroma. Neither showing up in Synapse 2. smh....

    Very dissappointing that you guys have Mac OSX support on your boxes for these products but no stable interface to actually support them. Will be returning until there is proper support.
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  11. NooblessIron

    NooblessIron New Member

    pls help my razer deathadder v2 mini is not detected and i had to use parraleles desktop to actually use the rgb light system
  12. C'mon just make it so synapse 3 is supported on mac not that hard just please please I can't afford another windows computer pls pls pls
  13. ed0002no

    ed0002no New Member

    I just got myself Razer Deathadder Essential. It works on my Macbook and i wanted to increase the sensitivity. From what i'm reading, Synapse still doesn't work on MacOS? Any other way to change the sensitivity? Thanks in advance!
    Last edited: Oct 21, 2020
  14. CarLu_Evo

    CarLu_Evo New Member

    Same issue for me... Can't change the sensitivity. Please let me know if you find the fix. Thanks!
  15. Slidegloves

    Slidegloves New Member

    We have a Razer Cynosa Chrome...never gets detected on our Mac's reboot. I get the impression that Razer is best avoided for OSX. Will not be buying any more Razer devices.
  16. zaxon8168

    zaxon8168 New Member

    Razor deathhadder sucks ! I can’t connect it with my Mac high Sierra !!! Nothing detected ... I can’t chang my color !!! Green is boring !!!! Help
  17. zaxon8168

    zaxon8168 New Member

    Any help how to connect to high Sierra ? Mac ? No response damn it ! Cheat my money !!!!
  18. Asprine

    Asprine New Member

    Razer, hire a OSX developer and get your shit together. No OSX support since OSX 10.14.
  19. Slidegloves

    Slidegloves New Member

    I suspect that the Mac market is not a big enough slice of the pie for Razer. I expect we're not really the 'gamer' crowd that they are aiming the brand at.

    I have a Logitech G810, with per key lighting. I enjoy using it on my Mac. I often have to get up and work at night, and the programmable lighting enables me to set a dull red light that won't bother my family but that I can easily see in the dark of night. Being able to set the keys to glow a little brighter as they're pressed gives me a nice little breadcrumb trail, whereby I can glance down and see what I've done - it's hard to describe why, but I find it very handy. I haven't had to tweak the settings since I installed it back in mid-2017 - it just works. The software updates with minimal fuss, and the keyboard continues to display the lighting as I've programmed it to.

    So, I thought I'd get something similar for our second Mac. Enter the Razer Chroma Cynosa. After a bit of research I determined that it should be able to do something like the Logitech (even on Mac), and it was on discount when I was looking. It can, after a fashion, do the same as the Logitech Orion line - that is, if you don't mind unplugging it every time the Mac boots up or wakes up. Total PITA. Shame really, as it's otherwise a nice feeling keyboard. After trawling various forums I've realised that it probably won't be fixed any time soon, and I'd best grab another Orion next time they're on sale.
  20. Asprine

    Asprine New Member

    Its unbelievable that some dude on the net can do it, see the Fruityrazor driver on GitHub, and Razor just does nothing because the 'fanbase' is too small. To bad for those who have a dualboot or would like to use there gear on OSX. Just let them rot, the packaging never sayed that we support OSX.
    You could just bring out a basic driver so at least we can use the stuf we payed you for.
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