MAC OS Synapse do not detect mouse after restart system

Discussion in 'Razer Synapse' started by RedpaX, Nov 15, 2019.


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  1. pulseBlueberry958

    pulseBlueberry958 New Member

    Same issue!!!
    mac os 11.2.3
  2. KaladinBridgeman

    KaladinBridgeman New Member

    Same issue here, Big Sur 11.2.3.
    I was super excited to have a Razer Naga mouse profile for Mac usage, but I'm very disappointed to see that this will not be happening anytime soon.
  3. vhermosilla

    vhermosilla New Member

    Same here. It won't detect the razer keyboard or the viper mouse.
  4. Bread_Is_Thiccc

    Bread_Is_Thiccc New Member

    I have a Viper Mini and I've deleted the thing and redownloaded it and it still won't detect my mouse. I'm not sure if the mouse is fake or not.

    This is a fix to the problem, maybe not that beautiful of an UI. But you get the full functionality :)
  6. I have been an avid Mac gamer for 30 years and a Razer user since... jeez... 2005?

    While I love Razer's hardware, software support has been a farce at best. I always try to install it, and it never works... I have bought at least a dozen of their mice, 1/2 a dozen keyboards, and several headsets.

    I would say not even worth asking them for software anymore. In fact, Razer, please just take the software down and stop pretending.
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  7. rodrigosilvadacosta

    rodrigosilvadacosta New Member

    Same thing happening here... still there's no solution.... shame...
  8. Cyberpunked_Samurai

    Cyberpunked_Samurai New Member

  9. Foxxe321

    Foxxe321 New Member

    Ive had my death adder for a while and ut just doesn't work with synaspe in big sur no matter what I do i.e restart software, redonwloading etc any answers??
  10. Cyberpunked_Samurai

    Cyberpunked_Samurai New Member

    the answer is in my above reply ;)
  11. pconceptions

    pconceptions New Member

    Yeah...FruityUI at least let me change the color. It's pretty disappointing to see all the comments here and no support for Mac users. Really glad I only bought this mouse on Ebay and didn't pay full price.
  12. Foamity

    Foamity New Member

    I also have the same problem what to do
  13. bejeti20

    bejeti20 New Member

    shame on razer
  14. SweaNisseGaming

    SweaNisseGaming New Member

    the reason for this is a so-called A bug, also lice, [1] is a bug in computer programs that prevents the program from behaving as intended. It may cause the program to give incorrect results or it may crash. Most often, bugs are accidentally caused by programmers in the source code, but in some cases compilers may translate the source code incorrectly.

    this is probably connected to
    MAC OS Catalina or Razer Synapse
    Big Sur 11.2.3

    not sure if the software with the name helps if the problem itself is inside the operating system not in the software itself but the name of the program is at least called razer-macos version v0.4.6

    this might be a solution for MAC OS Catalina

    If your problem is with the mouse. The first thing you should do is use a wired one. Again, you need to access / Library / Settings and look for the file
    "" and "". Eliminate them. Restart your Mac and you can regain control of the cursor.
    Last edited: Nov 15, 2021
  15. kikozilla

    kikozilla New Member

    Catalina 10.15.7 , Synapse 2, Viper USB - Synapse does not recognize my mouse.
  16. iDavidSan

    iDavidSan New Member

    We know windows users are way more than mac users, ok, but i think it's unaceptable that there's no support for your devices in this platform at all. I have some of your products and waiting for some others to arrive, but i loss many of their functionalities you because of that lack of dedicated software. I've written many times in support page and social networks but there's no answer yet...

    Captura de Pantalla 2021-12-29 a la(s) 8.26.05 a.m..png
  17. MemPlayZ

    MemPlayZ New Member

    Its been a year and its still not fixed
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