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Macro to zoom in/out in windows..aka. use Windows Magnifier

Discussion in 'Keyboards' started by kimsaklai, Jul 2, 2019.

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  1. kimsaklai

    kimsaklai New Member

    Cheers all, noob here on Razer Macros (using them in Blackwidow TE Chroma 2).

    Is there a way to create shortcut/macro to zoom in/out using Windows Magnifier. The shortcuts, that work in normal keyboard, are Windows key + minus and plus on the numpad.

  2. BlackFireDragon

    BlackFireDragon Well-Known Member

    On synapse 3 there is possible to set windows zoom in/out. Open synapse and select device click on key you want to set then windows shortcuts and there you have windows zoom in and windows zoom out.
  3. kimsaklai

    kimsaklai New Member

    Nope, doesn't seem to be

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  4. BlackFireDragon

    BlackFireDragon Well-Known Member

    Here you go it is ^^


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  5. kimsaklai

    kimsaklai New Member

    Interesting, i don't see those and i think i have the latest Synapse installed
  6. Bearfight

    Bearfight New Member

    This is do-able in Synapse with the macro module. I'll explain how I mapped browser zoom to my DeathAdder's DPI keys - and then how you can adapt the same method to achieve what you're going for with Magnifier.

    I wanted the DPI up/down buttons on my DeathAdder Elite to control zoom in/out in Web Browsers, File Managers, Text Editors, etc and revert to default elsewhere.

    First, I created two macros to emulate the browsers' zoom in/out key combos (Ctrl +/-).
    • Zoom In [ Ctrl ] + [ = ], 0s
    • Zoom Out [ Ctrl ] + [ - ], 0s

    Next, I created a profile called "Web/File Browser" and linked the apps in which I wanted the DPI buttons to work as zoom buttons. Chrome, Firefox, Notepad++, etc.


    Finally, in the mouse's control panel I changed the active profile to the one I just created, then assigned my macros to the DPI buttons (I assigned them as one per button press because I found "continuous play when held" was too fast). Then I switched back to the Default profile and closed Synapse (minimize to task bar).



    Now, when I click into Chrome or Notepad++, the DPI buttons work to increase or decrease zoom. When I click back on another program or the Desktop, they work to change DPI again.


    You can adapt what I did to your needs by creating macros for Windows Magnifier instead. Basically, you can just replace the Control key in my macros with the Windows logo key.

    For even more functionality you could also create macros to turn magnifier off and switch view types.

    The keyboard controls for Windows 10 Magnifier are listed on the Windows Settings page. I'll list them here too. All fairly simple key-combos that can be made into macros.

    Windows 10 Magnifier Keyboard Combos (Taken from Windows 10 r1903)
    • Turn Magnifier On / Zoom-In
      • Windows logo key + Plus(+)
    • Zoom Out
      • Windows logo key + Minus(-)
    • Turn Magnifier Off
      • Windows logo key + End
    • Cycle Views
      • Ctrl + Alt + M
    • Docked View
      • Ctrl + Alt + D
    • Fullscreen View
      • Ctrl + Alt + F
    • Lens View
      • Ctrl + Alt + L
    • Temporary Fullscreen (When Zoomed)
      • Ctrl + Alt + Spacebar
    P.S. Same concept should work in Synapse 2 - or any keybinding software, really. GLHF. :big_grin_:
    Last edited: Jul 9, 2019
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  7. kimsaklai

    kimsaklai New Member

    Thx Bear for in-depth answer! I ended up using shortcut that you mentioned: ctrl + alt + mouse wheel.

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