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Microphone Not Working RAZER Nari Ultimate

Discussion in 'Razer Support' started by edu616, Dec 28, 2018.

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  1. geekgamer2001

    geekgamer2001 New Member

    did you
    did you make a new razer account
  2. DarkRedHollow

    DarkRedHollow New Member

    yes I even tried to use on new pc
  3. DarkRedHollow

    DarkRedHollow New Member

    OK seems like its working now there was an update this morning and now it works :smile_: Thanks took a while but atleast the problem is solved
  4. DarkRedHollow

    DarkRedHollow New Member

    only weird thing is it sounds exactly like the sidetone even if you use enhancements so alot of static and background noise and the enhancements are not even working so there is the next thing to look at XD
  5. geekgamer2001

    geekgamer2001 New Member

    well i was going to say it worked without synapses on a laptop for me until i installed so thats how i pointed it down to the program
  6. Fluke300

    Fluke300 New Member

    Bought it yesterday.
    It worked.
    Used it before lunch today.
    It worked.
    Put it on to use after lunch, nothing.
    uninstalled synapse, nothing.
    Support's "lets discuss this via PM" is concerning. We need public information on how to get this to work.
  7. Monster3d8

    Monster3d8 New Member

    ive done everything and my mic only works if its wired it wont work bluetooth on my windows pc or my ps4
  8. Ryujin27

    Ryujin27 New Member

  9. DarkRedHollow

    DarkRedHollow New Member

    I did do that didn't work one of the mods got to me and send me a link for a firmware update after that it was fixed but now I just left my headset alone and off for a few weeks and now its broken again this time a SHIT craking sound has come up jesus razer fix your shit dont want to ask for fixes every few weeks and everytime turn on my headset
  10. IroC66

    IroC66 New Member

    Hello. After trying so many things, I’ve found a solution on my mic problem.
    I'ts a Synapse 3 problem with power management:
    • Create a new fresh account on Synapse and use it (to reset the settings). Turn off then turn on your headset.
    • Setup the headset but don’t touch the power management part. This will cause the mic problem apparently (let the settings by default).
    This work for me now.
    Hope it helps
    Last edited: Apr 4, 2019
  11. lols28898

    lols28898 New Member

  12. lols28898

    lols28898 New Member

    I bought headset on monday and the microphone died on saturday.tried everything didnt work at all,
    i hope they can fix this.
  13. lols28898

    lols28898 New Member

    you are my hero
  14. lols28898

    lols28898 New Member

    it works
    thx a lot you saved my life
  15. InfaKortex

    InfaKortex New Member

    Doing a firmware update did it for me. Just download this and follow the steps:


    Gl man
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