Missing Razer Tartarus Pro WoW Add-on interface?

Discussion in 'Razer Support' started by MikeCallosity, Jan 7, 2021.

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    Hello, I have been using the Razer Orbweaver Chroma for many years when I play my favorite game, World of Warcraft. Since the Tartarus Pro came out, it was marketed as a new edition with the ability to use and play WoW just like the Orbweaver could. The only snag there is that there is absolutely no support for the new Tartarus V2 or Tartarus Pro via the Addons available. I only bought this keypad for the sole purpose of this, since it said that it was made for games and even included WoW on the details page of the product. It is a huge disappointment since I bought it in September hoping for some update to come when the expansion launched (which it did; but did not include the Tartarus Pro or V2, only the Orbweaver Chroma and older Tartarus). I am hoping a dev can see this and start an update so that many others like myself who use keypads to play MMOs and MOBAs will be able to enjoy the product they spent so much money on.

    I am including the link so you can see for yourself. They are very sparse with updates to the addons as it is; but this is ridiculous. I stopped playing WoW during BFA because of the lack of support for the addons but I had hoped Razer would have learned to continue their support, especially since this is a newer product and has been marketed to the MMO community but has no support. I hope I am not alone in thinking this, because it is unacceptable. I love the keypad but creating specific macros for each key would be impossible with the way I play and type. RAZER, I hope you can fix this issue and continue to show support for your loyal patrons. Thank you.

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