My Gaming Hours didnt count. I stream for 15+ hours for warzone

Discussion in 'Razer Cortex' started by KimmyV, Jun 16, 2021.

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  1. KimmyV

    KimmyV New Member

    I dont know why didnt count. I want to get 500k coins but how I can get this because of this problem
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  2. xCryptik

    xCryptik Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    Hi @KimmyV,
    Have you check out the Gameplay Time Troubleshooting page to help users to quickly find a resolution on their side. Please check it if you encounter a gameplay time issue and you want to figure out a resolution in a faster way.
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  3. Michelle-RazerCortex

    Michelle-RazerCortex Active Member Staff Member

    Hey there!

    We are sorry for the inconvenience this issue has caused you. I am Michelle and will be delighted to assist you with your issue.

    Regarding your issue, could you please first restart Razer Cortex and then, check whether this issue persists? If yes, please feel free to provide us with your Cortex logs.

    I have PMed you a simple guide to help you collect and upload your Cortex logs. Please check out if you need it.

    Thank you very much for your patience.

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