Naga Left-Handed - Profile does not work when using RDP fullscreen

Discussion in 'Razer Support' started by smartBlushTOPAZ224, Dec 2, 2020.

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  1. smartBlushTOPAZ224

    smartBlushTOPAZ224 New Member


    I've configured a new profile with Synapse 3 so that the increase/decrease sensibility buttons map to alt+left / alt+right instead so that I can use the mouse to navigate more easily between browser pages just like my left handed deathadder does by default
    It works well, only trouble is that when I use a RDP session in fullscreen mode, those two buttons don't work, nothing happens. If I switch to windowed mode, then it's OK everything works. However I really need the fullscreen mode in this case.
    What I can do (apart from switching back to my left handed deathadder)?
  2. smartBlushTOPAZ224

    smartBlushTOPAZ224 New Member

    Small correction: the buttons actually works with RDP fullscreen but instead of sending alt+left / alt+right they just send left / right
  3. smartBlushTOPAZ224

    smartBlushTOPAZ224 New Member

    So I found an improvement
    Edit the RDP connection, go to the "Local Resources" tab, a set the dropdown to "On this computer"
    Launch the connection and now it works

    BUT: all the Windows combo are executed locally => for example ALT+TAB will show the application on your computer, not in the session... This is absolutely useless especially when you have to work fullscreen

    So currently I still can't have my Naga profile working on the remote computer and the Windows combos such as ALT+TAB
    I guess I might have to install Synapse on the remote computer I have sufficient rights. But that mouse is supposed to be able to save profiles in its internal memory so that I don't have to install Synapse on every computer.
    What am I missing?
  4. smartBlushTOPAZ224

    smartBlushTOPAZ224 New Member

    Found the solution !!!

    Instead of setting the buttons to alt+left & alt+right, they must be set to Mouse Button 4 & Mouse Button 5
    And they it works no matter the settings in RDP !!
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