Not Working: Razer Synapse 2 - Firefly Mousepad - MAC Catalina

Discussion in 'Razer Synapse' started by Yourfriendwayne, Aug 5, 2019.

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  1. Yourfriendwayne

    Yourfriendwayne New Member

    I am running the Firefly mousepad under MAC OS Catalina Beta with Synapse 2. Even when the mousepad is plugged in and shows under apples USB devices area it says "Please connect a razer synapse enabled devices" in Synapse. I reinstalled Synapse and for a few minutes it did show the Firefly but the LEDs would not change at all. Once I restarted the app it came back not finding the device.

    I am sure this has to do with beta software but I figured if there's any hope that someone got past this I would post to see.

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  2. PT.Singer

    PT.Singer Jedi Master

    Community suggestions, maybe, but most likely they'll be in the same boat.

    And don't even bother attempting to get any kind of support when running Synapse on a beta version of any Mac OS. Not gonna happen.

    How is Catalina so far, by the way? Leaps and bounds above Mojave, or just some basic changes?
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  3. Yourfriendwayne

    Yourfriendwayne New Member

    I figured it might be an issue but I figured it wouldn’t hurt to reach out. What about using a VM of Windows and changing the profile then go to Mac. Wonder if it would stay?

    Catalina is much snappier and has great features like Dark Mode and Sidecar. I feel like it breathed new life into my MacBook Pro.
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  4. PT.Singer

    PT.Singer Jedi Master

    Hmmm, I don't know. The two bits of software are built differently from the ground up, otherwise we'd get a better chance of getting all the same functionality on Windows and Mac OS, so I doubt that when you go to Mac it would stay the same. MAYBE if you had the Windows emulator running the ENTIRE TIME ...

    Mojave already had dark mode, but what exactly is Sidecar?
  5. Yourfriendwayne

    Yourfriendwayne New Member

    With Dark Mode I meant the “auto” part of it. You can now set it to auto and it will change at night which before you had to rely on 3rd party software to do that.

    Sidecar allows you to use the iPad as another screen natively. This is super nice when out and about and you need a second screen.

    One cool thing is that iTunes is removed completely and they have sort of a file explorer view of your devices within finder. This is leaps better than before and one of my annoyances from the past.
  6. Yourfriendwayne

    Yourfriendwayne New Member

    Alright, Catalina is now official. Any chance that my Firefly will get back to working on Mac soon?
  7. Edwardpro09

    Edwardpro09 New Member

    I have the same issue, have you found the problem? Thanks.
  8. Edwardpro09

    Edwardpro09 New Member

    I have the same issue, have you found the problem? Thanks.
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  9. Spiritofhonour

    Spiritofhonour New Member

    I'm also having an issue. It is showing the Firefly though the lights on the Firefly aren't even on.
  10. Yourfriendwayne

    Yourfriendwayne New Member

    I might be speaking prematurely but I think everyone who has a Mac on Catalina (which is public now) and has the Firefly or use Synapse 2.0 will be out of luck. I’ve searched these forums and found no help and no hope. As a big tech geek and avid fan of Razer I will not be recommending their products due to their lack of support. What makes it worse is the lack of transparency to fixing this issue or having Synapse 3.0 work on Mac. Right now I have a mousepad with no RGB, I paid a lot of extra money for that feature and would love to use it. I would love to see some sort of hope or even a solid “no we aren’t supporting Catalina” so I can move on.
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  11. Spiritofhonour

    Spiritofhonour New Member

    Completely understand where you're coming from. So your Firefly is also just "off" and has no lights at all as well?

    I was already disappointed that I wouldn't be able to use Philips Hue because they only have Synpase 2.0 on Mac, though now it looks like even some of the existing products we have aren't working too.
  12. Yourfriendwayne

    Yourfriendwayne New Member

    Yup no lights at all which to me is crazy since you could buy a $20 Amazon off brand which will have RGB without the need of software. Now of course the features of the Firefly blow the doors off any off brand $20 version off Amazon, unless it doesn’t work...
  13. dutchman888

    dutchman888 New Member

    Mine is not working either..Where is the software update? I agree with all the comments on this page, paid a lot for this mouse pad and now it does not work.
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  14. MatthewYoung

    MatthewYoung New Member

    I am having the same issues. I have downloaded Syntapse 2 for my MacBook many times, but it always says, “ Please connect a syntapse capable device.” I have watched hours of YouTube videos and searched google a lot but no luck. I have now contacted customer service as I am not happy with how the product is working, even though I am a fan of Razor. If anyone has any help, please let me know. Thanks to all of you.
  15. ItzEnder

    ItzEnder New Member

    I am also having the same issues. In my menubar when I click on the Razer icon it shows the Firefly profile, but it doesn't appear within the application.
  16. tdc01

    tdc01 New Member

    Same issue here. It shows when I click on the synapse in the menubar, but no options in synapse itself. Luckily I do have lights, but they are just cycling through the colors with no control over them. I am really not sure at this point whether to wait on synapse 3 to come to mac or just sell my ornata, lancehead, base station, and firefly. I kinda like the magic keyboard better anyway.
  17. Yourfriendwayne

    Yourfriendwayne New Member

    I wonder how loud I can wait....
  18. RGB_Envoy

    RGB_Envoy New Member

    I just bought my first and last Razer product ever. The mamba hyperflux and firefly do light up but they're just cycling through all the colors since no software works. They should either make it compatible with Synapse 2 or release Synapse 3 for Mac. Literally the only product I ever liked from them and it has to be like this lol.
  19. uhohuhoh

    uhohuhoh New Member

    I am having the same issues. My 2012 Death Adder registers without issue, but the Firefly I got two days ago does not register at all. It is cycling colors but there is no way to control it (I want it to synch with the colors on the mouse wheel).
  20. TitanFenix

    TitanFenix New Member

    I was able to see it twice for a few seconds then it never came back. I was able to change the settings in the app but the mouse pad never received those changes as it stayed with the same lighting pattern. This is frustrating as I have been looking for older devices to make sure they work on catalyst 2 but now it seems there are issues with it and Catalina also and no support for an OS that is going on a year of being release. Razer where is the love for MAC users you used to have.
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