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Discussion in 'Console Peripherals' started by technokat, Jan 28, 2019.

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  1. technokat

    technokat Director, Social Marketing Staff Member

    Update made on January 28, 2019 PST

    We take a lot of pride at Razer to provide gamers with the best gaming hardware. Our team puts in a lot of heart and sweat to innovate and define what makes for a premium gaming experience across different devices & platforms.

    That is why it can be painful to admit when we’ve not met these expectations: both yours and ours.

    This happened with our first line-up of wireless PlayStation 4 controllers – the Razer Raiju Ultimate and Raiju Tournament Edition. We opted to work with PS4’s native Bluetooth connection, a protocol used by the DualShock 4 controller that’s new to us. We quickly found out after shipping that our controllers did not live up to the Razer promise – while they worked great on cable, the wireless latency was just not acceptable in certain scenarios.

    Through extensive work by our engineers, we’ve developed a firmware that significantly improves latency – effectively shaving off 30 ms in response time compared to the original firmware. We’ve taken extra measures to avoid introducing new bugs and stability issues. In parallel to our own and Sony’s qualification testing, we rolled out a beta testing program with our community and existing users. After 45 days of thorough testing, we are pleased to say that the new firmware has been widely rolled out and has addressed the reported latency issues.

    This firmware (v1.03) is now available as a firmware update (via PC) here:

    The updated firmware has since been implemented into new units. Should you think that you may have purchased an affected unit – make sure to update to the latest firmware. For additional assistance, you may contact our Razer Support Team at

    We apologize for missing the mark. We thank you for your honest feedback and you should always continue to hold us to higher standards. We can and will strive to do better.
  2. Pilk3105

    Pilk3105 New Member

    Does this update address the huge stick drift issue that has plagued this controller since it’s release? I do understand that input lag is a serious issue but, the stick drift problem literally renders this unit unusable.
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  3. SerJGV

    SerJGV New Member

    Agree, I was going to play with wired connected controller, but stick drift issue made it impossible to AIM and play. I hope this is single device issue and I'm waiting for replacement now. But based on multiple forum threads - it looks like it is more serious issue and affected a lot of user's devices a well even after replacement..

    Thank you for your post and up-to-date information about lagging issues. As a customer I'm really appreciate your effort to resolve this issue.

    But there is other very major issue - stickers' drift problem. I hope you are going to update community about progress on this one too.
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  4. technokat

    technokat Director, Social Marketing Staff Member

    Send in a request to our support team. They will look into it.
  5. I have Raiju Ultimate with 1.03 still having left stick drifting to the right a bit. Bought on Amazon on October so too late for refund.
    This is clearly an hardware issue and support suggested me to contact my reseller (?!?!). I would have expected an immediate replacement by Razer itself for a FAULTY product....
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  6. ASsassIN_sb

    ASsassIN_sb New Member

    When I move the right analog to the left it sometimes works slower, it makes the game impossible, especially in fps games
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  7. dl0806

    dl0806 New Member

    This firmware update made the issues even worse.... And this is on the replacement you guys already sent me!!!
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  8. Grebleem

    Grebleem New Member

    Just have this controller for an hour. Had a ‘regular’ Raiju for two year with No problems.

    After upgrading the Ultimate to V1.03 I have Huge drifts (Wired USB connection). Is there a way to reverse to an older Firmware? This firmware version is unusable!
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  9. Pilk3105

    Pilk3105 New Member

    the older versions are if anything worse.
  10. SongJiHyoZ

    SongJiHyoZ New Member

    I just got the Raiju Ultimate today, build quality is up there for 350 bucks in Singapore, but the drifting issues is ridiculous, I was at the older version of 1.001 had terrible right drift with my PS4 in Assassin Creed Odyssey. Updated to v1.03, the right drift was sort of solved.. but the left stick was a bit of happening with slight drift if you move your controller sideways away from the PS4.

    So in conclusion for mine... the v1.0.4 needs a bit of work if there is even an update for it.

    Andddd the main site needs to upload the v1.03 instead of placing it here to be honest... some users trust main site more than forums ya... lol

    Its a $360 SGD plastic thingy with electronics for godsake, please Razer, do something about it..

    PS: I thought the buttons for the R and L were metal... unfortunately was plastic too.. -.- #scammed #comeonrazer #minliangsirareyouwatchingthis?
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  11. YoungLoup

    YoungLoup New Member

    Hello Razer,

    thanks for the message for the update but the clear problem right now as mentionned Pilk3105 and other people are the stick drift issue than ruined your product so far.

    regarding that you are a PS4 official product and very expansive, we are waiting a little more than this kind of info...
    A more sincere and honest message from your side should be more

    After contacting the support team, they propose me a new controller I want one with the 1.04 manufacture firmware but it's out of stock right now so I don't know when it will happen.

    Please review on all marketplace that this product is bad so anyone can buy until they fix the issue.

    Personally 1.03 is even worse than the previous one really
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  12. MrBunny420

    MrBunny420 New Member

    I received my controller (Raiju TE) from Amazon on Thursday. Had a whole bunch of problems with performance, with the controller acting like it had a mind of it’s own. I updated to version 1.3 of the firmware and it “seemed” to fix the problem. But after playing for a while, the same “controller from hell” returned. I was playing a comp match in Overwatch, and the controller went haywire, where I hardly control movement. I’ve decided to return it amazon for a refund. It’s a shame, because except for the fact it’s not functional, I love the controller.
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  13. aboodvic

    aboodvic New Member

    not working with my razer raiju ultimate still I have drifting issue and my Bluetooth not working with standard ps4
  14. SamsonFin

    SamsonFin New Member

    Hello! I wanted to post my notes from Raiju Ultimate. I got the controller at the beginning of this year. Was on firmware 1.01. I play FPS games only and with wired usb connection because of headset not working on wireless mode. January was problem free all along. Nothing that I noticed. Never did sticks drift or input lag occured. But when this month changed, I got myself in a big trouble with the right stick drifting to right. It was registered everytime I wanted to move right stick very carefully like in sniping. Movement kept going, although I stopped touching that stick. Well, I found myself in to this support site and luckily that firmware update to 1.03 was released. I updated it, but only thing it did to me is that, it comes more rarely and not as bad as before. When it occurs, I press that stick hard and give it a spin of 360. That will give me about 1-2hours (sometimes only 5min) of problem free gameplay. So my only problem is this drifting. Waiting for a repair, but not skipping any play days
  15. req0power

    req0power New Member

    Same here with left stick drift issue. This is a joke. Be honest. You should refund this product and Takie it of from shells. What a shame..
  16. ctchoi66

    ctchoi66 New Member

    I bought the TE version on Nov 2018, and have the right stick drift issue, can i get a refund too?
  17. Skinny666

    Skinny666 New Member

    [QUOTE = "ventureAPATITE542, bericht: 476728, lid: 918792"] Ik ben het erover eens dat ik met een bekabelde controller zou spelen, maar het probleem met driftproblematiek was onmogelijk om te AIM en te spelen. Ik hoop dat dit een kwestie van één apparaat is en ik wacht nu op vervanging. Maar op basis van meerdere forumthreads - het lijkt erop dat het een serieuzer probleem is en dat het veel apparaten van gebruikers beïnvloedde, zelfs na vervanging .. [/ QUOTE]
    Beste ik zit met hetzelfde probleem tijdens fortnite aim onmogelijk te doen door enorme drift
  18. carPinkLacethink775

    carPinkLacethink775 New Member

    Bought my controller last year but when contacting my reseller last week they agreed to take it back without any questions. 1.03 does not fix the drift issues btw
  19. svfusion

    svfusion New Member

    Not working for me. The solution I was provided was to blow air into the controller. That did not fix the issue. I am on the latest firmware as well. I also have two Tournament editions, they have the issue as well, but I don't play with them as much.

    Just be honest with us here. Is it a hardware issue or is it a firmware issue. If the problem can't be fixed with software due to hardware, just own up to the issue and fix it.
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  20. And when I saw this topic I had hoped you’d come to terms with yourself to issue a massive recall of all older Razer Raiju Ultimate units not having 1.04 firmware... 1.03 doesn’t solve what most people struggled with, namely the stick drift n deadzone issues..
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