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Discussion in 'Systems' started by alexcrisan, Jul 16, 2020.

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  1. alexcrisan

    alexcrisan New Member

    I wonder if anyone knows why Razer laptops haven't implemented palm rejection? I've been reading about people complaining regarding the palm rejection for years, and my 2020 base Blade has the same problem. It is very difficult to do productivity work or even typing when every 30 seconds I accidentally click something with my palm. Even in gaming, I will accidentally shoot the weapon or perform an action because the trackpad gets triggered randomly by my palm.

    I have a bunch of Macbook Pros and the Surface Laptop 3 to compare to, which are all excellent at palm rejection. Is this just something we have to deal with or are there any solutions? thanks
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  2. aerogardenDirt394

    aerogardenDirt394 New Member

  3. drewex81

    drewex81 New Member

    I just got curious and tested it on my new razer pro and it works well. I had instinctively was avoiding my hands from it till now. Typing just got a lot easier
  4. gstsdw

    gstsdw Well-Known Member

    For real. This is my number 1 complaint with my 2019 advanced model. The area between the keyboard and trackpad is so minimal I end up touching the trackpad while typing. It's the most annoying damn thing in the world because it makes typing a huge pain when the cursor suddenly jumps up two - three lines and starts writing in a random place. It happens all-of-the-time. I never ever had that issue with my MacBook Pros. I love this machine but the margin between the trackpad and keyboard needs to be extended a bit.

    Edit: I just tried this modification and it has seemed to fix the issue! OMG! Wow. I cannot believe this, hahaha!!
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  5. dylantf

    dylantf New Member

    Just wanted to confirm that this worked for me too. Palm rejection horrible/nonexistent on the 2020 base model, any time I type and my palm is anywhere near the touchpad, the cursor jumps around like crazy. Adding the following registry entries completely resolved it for me with no apparent disadvantages:

    DWORD SuperCurtainLeft decimal (768)
    DWORD SuperCurtainRight decimal (768)
    DWORD SuperCurtainTop decimal (768)
  6. alexcrisan

    alexcrisan New Member

    I don't know wtf the guy before me is talking about, but I have also used the suggestions in this thread and it seems to have helped a lot. It's not perfect, but it's a lot better. Before this, the laptop was almost unusable for me. Good thing I had it docked or else I probably would have sold it long ago. I don't understand why Razer is so hush-hush about this? It's like they have their ears plugged or are intentionally ignoring people, that for years have been asking for a solution.
  7. MarkyGee79

    MarkyGee79 New Member

    Cant you just use the "disable trackpad"setting while gaming and using your mouse?
  8. dylantf

    dylantf New Member

    Sure, but some of us use computers for things other than gaming. While typing it's super easy for your cursor to jump around and extremely annoying.
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