Playback options lacking additional mouse up when play while key pressed is selected.

Discussion in 'Razer Support' started by 8stack, Jun 22, 2021.

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  1. 8stack

    8stack New Member

    What I'm trying to do.

    I want to create a macro that runs indefinitely while my left mouse key is pressed. I have two options to do so:
    1. Set limited amount of runs (with play multiple or cycle inside of macro).
    2. Select "Play while assigned key is pressed"

    Both have problems:
    1. I won't be able to interrupt macro earlier, it will always run set amount of time disregarding if mouse button is pressed or no.
    2. Actually pushing me to include Mouse Up inside of a macro and it could be detrimental (for eg. gun fire rate increases while trigger is hold). If I don't include mouse up, it will never actually be sent.

    There should be an option to send initial press down and final press up only once if "Play while assigned key is pressed" is selected. At least having option to do Button Up on top of macro will be enough as I believe further button down doesn't get registered if button was never released in first place.
Thread Status:
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