Question:Would you like Project Valerie to release this year???

Discussion in 'Systems' started by Rawdy, Feb 4, 2019.

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  1. Rawdy

    Rawdy New Member

    With the blade 15 rtx rendering the blade pro semi obsolete,
    and laptop RTX cards becoming a thing now i could see project valerie becoming real.

    we could see an i9 8950hk or a 9900k depending on razer's approach

    The main reason we didn't see project valerie was because of hardware not being powerful enough.

    Hardware is now able to be powerful enough.

    Side note: if nvidia were to release sli for rtx notebooks, it would be extra possible if razer were to take an overpowered approach

    razer could sell it in an 18.3 inch config allowing for more power and cooling without being much bigger

    what I'd like to see is a triple screen 144hz (1080p of course) setup because sli now allows for that
    and different color options
    mercury white and classic black would be good. and maybe quartz pink if we get lucky.

    the idea would be making it semi configurable upon purchase

    Would you like project valerie to be a thing???
    and if yes what features would you have(im not the best at lists as you can probably already tell)???
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