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Razer Blade 15 Advanced UK Secondary Function Keys Not Backlit

Discussion in 'Systems' started by Jay1001, Feb 4, 2019.

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  1. Jay1001

    Jay1001 New Member


    I’ve registered to the forum just to vent my frustration about the UK Razer Blade 15 not having the secondary functions keys backlit.

    I can’t believe that they offer this for the US version only. Surely it can’t be that hard to make them light up on the UK version as well?

    I was literally about to buy the 2080 max-q version before I found this out however I refuse to spend £3k on a laptop that cannot light up the secondary function keys, especially when they already offer this option in the US version.

    If anyone from Razer is reading this please treat us UK customer same and light up the secondary function keys on the UK version.


    /rant over
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  2. sourcefastCream757

    sourcefastCream757 New Member

    I have just received the UK version and while I like the laptop it makes the entire use of the laptop an awkward experience, I am very annoyed to say the least, especially when they do not mention this anywhere when you are buying it that its only the US version. Disgusting tbh.
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  3. Jay1001

    Jay1001 New Member

    Yeah I agree it is disgusting. Not only do they not mention it but they also show the advanced version on the UK Razer website with the secondary function keys lit up. It’s basically false advertising.
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  4. Bombtrackx

    Bombtrackx New Member

    I totally agree. I feel kinda cheaped out on a 3k laptop, and it is clearly advertised on the website. How does this happen on such an expesive product?
  5. Ash-Campbell

    Ash-Campbell New Member

    Just posted my own frustration at this. I refuse to buy it, I've emailed asking to buy the US layout.

    You can tell the lack of professionalism from razer by rolling out inconsistent products. I had the gtx1060 and returned it.

    Min is to busy thinking he's the next Steve Jobs that games, yet on Forbes he fell off the billionaire list.

    Perhaps he should focus on the products more than playing games
  6. Ash-Campbell

    Ash-Campbell New Member

    Also the same theme is on Amazon uk people are sending them back haha
  7. Joikansai

    Joikansai Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    It’s only US Version atm that has Backlight, if you want badly backlight function keys buy base model and skip all advantages from rtx Blade, Windows hello, rtx powerful card, 64gb upgradeable mobo, dual double speaker, rtx on and off plus dlss, advanced vapor chamber cooling, per key rgb keyboard, 144Hz refresh rate, pwm free monitor. There’s no perfect laptop, name one I can point the cons.
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  8. InsoMia

    InsoMia Member

    Also just got my RTX 2070 Blade in Taiwan... loved how the laptop feel in general, but also same problem with the Secondary function keys not lighting up (even though the display model at Razer store had the US models that did light up, a little misleading tbh...)

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  9. Ash-Campbell

    Ash-Campbell New Member

    I ended up buying a pre-owned base model.

    £1250 but really wanted the full blown rtx model, so annoyed how they've done this

    Somebody who works for razer felt it was ok to approve the production without function key lighting .. Like, it's as if they want to annoy customers.
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  10. Joikansai

    Joikansai Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    They should take off that display model or put big letter that actual product might be different. Maybe at that time there’s no Chinese layout to put in there. But good thing is that Asia region latest Blade availability is pretty fast imo, I remember in 2017 user in Japan thought late 2016 stealth is latest Blade stealth and 14 2017 even already out Japan Store only sell the old model.
    I don’t work for Razer, but I use my Razer Blade for worko_O. Anyway there’s a lot miss interpretation imo, Razer put “actual product may be different”...something like that on the website, but a bigger gaming company on Ces show 8 pipe heatsink and advertising (maybe “state” is more appropriate) on their website and on multiple language (not revised until last week when I checked it, and it’s quite great selling product already), actuall product is 7 heat pipes, a lot angry users tweeting their big persons due this. And I saw there’s already smoked motherboard within 3 weeks usage from a user, that’s what I find huge problem. Blade was already 3 years without Backlight functions key, it’s great that they bring it back on some model, hope all model will follow (honestly to me it’s not a matter, prefer without since on chroma effect it’s more mature imo than all functions key are lighted, for positioning I changed the color for remembering on 2017 model in 2018 15 advanced I know exactly the placement)
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  11. Yekko1

    Yekko1 New Member

    Razer should implement something on the FN keys:
    In stead of having them white, maybe have them slightly changed in brightness or even allow the users to change the color on the FN keys.
    Additionally they should make it that the Hypershift programmed buttons also shows when pressing the FN key.
    This would give the users a bigger degree of customisation and for those having not lighted up functionskeys a work around to identify those keys easier?
  12. RicardoCab

    RicardoCab New Member

    I totally agree, got my Advanced rtx 2060, 8th gen and it was so disappointing to find out that its only in the US keyboard version.
    This is a major design fault in my opinion.
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