Razer Chroma Hardware Development Kit

Discussion in 'Razer Chroma' started by technokat, Aug 3, 2017.

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  1. vampirivan

    vampirivan Well-Known Member

    really nice, but it can't attach to mobo pins right? only to usb normal usb external port + molex?
  2. MrNickk

    MrNickk New Member

    Anyone knows where I can get the wallpaper please?
  3. larssy1

    larssy1 New Member

  4. Pentalobe

    Pentalobe Active Member

    Cost is a big reason. An "analog" RGB chip can be had for $0.20 or less per piece. A digital ws2812 RGB chip is well over double that, I'm not sure how much more of a volume discount there is beyond a tray of 1000 pieces or so. 32 of them could well be over the cost of the complete kit as it exists now. The circuitry to drive analog chips through multiplexed circuits costs maybe a dollar or two.

    If this product retails for $80 than their cost of materials probably can't be more than $15-20 or so. You have to account for R&D, distribution, wholesaling, and profit margin. Also glue logic and connectors, and casings, it adds up quick. At least there is no power supply necessary.

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  5. NaughtyMiroku

    NaughtyMiroku New Member

    Now if I only had all the different products and accessories that are needed for all that Chroma goodness. :D Make it look like a Gaming Disco party, or when I figured it all out have the Chroma Flicker or something like that when I get Damaged in game or time it with Music that gets played, ooh or even when playing a video to tie in when the movie changes it's theme.. The possibilities as far as I know could be endless.
  6. larssy1

    larssy1 New Member

    I am wondering one thing... at 25 seconds some background action starts..

    Is that all a coincidence by cables and shadows, or is it actual "gameplay" of some sorts :joy:
  7. barisaxvirus

    barisaxvirus New Member

  8. Lafar

    Lafar Well-Known Member

    Check this out.

    Wave is the design that you're looking for, while Valerie is for three screens.
  9. Christinde

    Christinde Well-Known Member

    Since this was posted yesterday, and I saw it via Facebook.
    I kinda decided it was a "gift" since I JUST started to build my own PC, and RBB/Chroma is a huge part of it.
    And it was my birthday yesterday :heart:

    Thanks a ton for this!
    I'm so gonna it as soon as my wallet allows me.
  10. xRootbeer

    xRootbeer New Member

    As a DJ using a Razer Blade Stealth, I see some very unique opportunities for this in a custom facade.
  11. mudpaws

    mudpaws New Member

    oooh mama do want :3
  12. Arelmunda

    Arelmunda Well-Known Member

    Waiting for stock... :frown_:
    Perhaps the webstore should have a "notify me" button instead of "add to cart"?
  13. L00n3y

    L00n3y New Member

    Would love to have this in my mancave :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
  14. Shr1k3

    Shr1k3 New Member

    This is awesome, this is the kill-all solution to ambient lighting effects.
  15. larssy1

    larssy1 New Member

    I certainly am missing that "Notify Me" option on the kit.. Hate to be disappointed every 5 minutes.
  16. Real_Masloff

    Real_Masloff Member

    guh, this always happens to me, I always wait to long to buy the Razer stuff I want. Well, at least maybe one day I'll get those items.
  17. Fast-

    Fast- New Member

  18. VolkenWoW

    VolkenWoW New Member

    AWESOME! Razer is evolving and evolving to ultimate gaming powa
  19. PlatinumC

    PlatinumC Active Member

    Really, you released it 2 days after i spent 150 bucks on my new lighting setup :slightly_sad:... what a bad timing :slightly_sad:
  20. emm2600

    emm2600 New Member

    I really want to like this product but... the cost is just way too prohibitive. I understand there are R&D costs etc but when you can buy almost 10 meters of addressable RGB LED strips for around the price of the expansion kit alone personally i just can't justify it.

    The control unit + expansion costs AUD$170 from the razer store - that's vastly overpriced compared to competing products such as the corsair node (less than half that price for a controller + 4 addressable strips). Maybe it's a problem with the web store's inflated prices (Blackwidow Chroma V2 is AUD$340 on razerzone compared to AUD$215 at my local PC store) but it's going to have to come down a lot for me to bite.

    This would've been an instant buy if the price was just a bit more reasonable. Razer products are generally somewhat competitive on price for feature set compared to competitors but this one is vastly out of line with it's AUD$100 "works with synapse" surcharge
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