Razer Controllers on nintendo Switch

Discussion in 'Console Peripherals' started by 1988fido, Dec 6, 2018.

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  1. 1988fido

    1988fido Member


    Anyone have a way to make any of these work on Nintendo Switch?
    Razer Raiju TE or ultimate or even the original Raiju because I own one.
    Razer wolverine TE or ultimate

    So far Razer didn't release any controller that is officially support Nintendo Switch ,I had to use an adapter.
    Mayflash Magic-Ns :

    it works with:
    1- Razer onza (I tested it ) very old now have to replace it
    2- Razer sabertooth ( I tested it ) very old now so have to replace it
    3-Razer Wolverine Tournament edition ( some reviewer on amazon screen shot down)
    so it seems wolverine tournament edition will work on Nintendo Switch with magic-ns adapter :/ I just want someone to confirm it to me before I purchase



    it Doesn't work with:

    1-Razer Raiju (I tested it ) (first version / original one )

    :slightly_sad: I preferred the Razer Raiju triggers > ultimate/TE edition , because the extra M3+M4 are peddles now and not triggers which I prefer.
    so new Razer Raiju ultimate/TE use these weird peddles which is easy to press by accident and removing them isn't an option .

    so my only Hope to buy Razer Wolverine Ultimate/TE and use the adapter .
    I just want to double confirm that any of these works with Magic-ns adapter.

    Mayflash adapter updated to the latest firmware.

    So maybe if someone have an idea of wolverine TE and ultimate share the same firmware so it will be a high chance for the wolverine ultimate to work on Magic-NS ?
    Maybe a Developper can reply or have tested it XD or give me a heads up that I should wait ?cough.... like Razer working on something so I don't have to go thru all that ...?
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  2. 1988fido

    1988fido Member

    Before anyone say anything I emailed Mayflash and we had long discussion they won't support Razer Raiju or any other controllers anymore because the rom on it is full already now.
    they are working on new magi-ns adapter and they will about it at R&D department to support Razer Controllers.

    I also checked other adapter Brook Nintendo Switch , in their site it says it does work with it , but on the amazon description it says it doesn't.and customers reports it doesn't

    also emailed them but no reply yet.

    so am sort of stuck. and it is important because I am playing on nintendo professionally and all other controllers to be honest are bad on nintendo. I need Razer controller T_T badly
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  3. I was wondering about this too. I mean it would make sense for Razer to contact Nintendo and see about making JoyCons or Controller that support Chroma! Then game devs could add this into Switch games as well! I would diffidently pick one up!!!

    Razer has Partners with Microsoft for Keyboard and Mouse support on Xbox One, and Microsoft / Nintendo are pretty cool doing join ads about cross play to rub it in Sony Face. Seem like Razer would be good idea to partner with Nintendo too!

    The new Adapter you mean the wireless one? http://www.mayflash.com/Products/NINTENDOWiiU/MAGIC-NS.html
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  4. 1988fido

    1988fido Member

    No . that link is magic-Ns 1, they are working on magic-Ns 2 which is not released yet.

    I did email Mayflash requesting them to make new firmware to support Razer Raiju : they replied saying that is not possible because the adapter have no room for anymore firmware so they will try to keep it in mind for the future device they are working on it .

    "Hi Sir,

    There is a little unused space in the chip of Magic-NS,can not add Razer Raiju into it any more ..


    "Sorry,it is incompatible with Raiju Ultimate.

    We are developing a new “Magic-NS”and will be born soon.

    When it was out we will advise Raiju controller to R&D Team and try to add it into the compatibility list!

    So now please wait in patience,thanks!"

    so our hopes lay down with the R&D team hoping they do support Razer Controllers on the magic-Ns 2
  5. Joikansai

    Joikansai Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    Did you try also switch pro controller? I’ve not unboxed Wolverine Te but it’s bought for PC, for Nintendo Switch I use pro controller it’s better optimized and nice on hand compared to other cheaps, maybe even not as pro as you;)
    I prefer having smaller panthera arcade for Smash Bros, Panthera evo smash bros Edition:cool_:...Te:wink_:
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  6. 1988fido

    1988fido Member

    I did order pro controller its now in delivery. I didn't try it before but issue it doesn't have extra triggers on the back + the buttons are not mechanical which is really the deal breaker for me.

    as for panthera it will be bad for me coz I didn't use arcade sticks so I will be very slow for long time , the idea is to have muscle memory or buy something very close to what am used to , so I can adapt fast also make it a permanent choice so I become extreme fast with 1 controller ,this one controller have the same shape thru generations and button layout etc.. like
    Razer wild cat = Razer Wolverine both same shape. so next controller for xbox 2 from Razer will have same thing so if I had to one day replace my controller ( for any reason / broken ) It won't effect me.
    even if Razer decided to alter the design it won't be drastic change to the point I have to reprogram my muscle memory. also I never played on game cube which is why I can't use gamecube controller.

    :) my favorite shape/buttons feels / everything perfect in my opinion = Razer Raiju original
    the new Raiju ultimate/TE have annoying peddles on the back instead of that awesome Trigger of the Raiju original but I must go with it because its the way Razer decided to make the future products design. so I better build my muscle memory incase one day I had to buy replacement I can find it or if I had to upgrade for xbox 2 compatibility or ps5 etc..

    XD I know it might sound silly but I am but I take some games very serious and 0.1sec delay is big deal or not able to jump+use joystick to move the camera is big disadvantage.

    (btw am pc gamer mostly , and some games I use these controllers )

    Ok I did buy Razer Raiju ultimate it doesnt work with Mayflash magic-ns
    now i will try brook switch adapter hopefully it works =.=!
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  7. rakugou

    rakugou New Member

    did the brook switch adapter end up working? I've been trying to decide between the adapter or just getting a pro controller
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  8. 1988fido

    1988fido Member

    Out of the box it works with razer Raiju ( old original )

    works with ultimate :
    Must update to the BETA update

    To do that you just rename the exe file you downlod from their site ending it with _BETA

    And launch it :) .
    It makes it work with : RaEr raiju and raiju ultimate .
  9. kelleraug

    kelleraug New Member

    I just recently got a Raiju Tournament edition, and a Brook Super Converter to use it on the switch, I can tell you 100% that I have been unable to hook the controller up to the switch using either the latest official firmware, OR Beta Firmware for the adapter. I am completely at a loss as to what to do, or if there is an adapter that supports it. I'd hate to return the controller (because I really dig it), but if I cant get it working on the system I planned to use it for primarily then there isnt much of a point :/

    Anyone else have a Tournament edition and were able to get it working on Nintendo Switch?
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  10. 1988fido

    1988fido Member

    is the firmware is the latest BETA?
    that feature isn't out yet on normal firmware its still BETA. you can contact them on facebook that's how I got mine to work , I learned about the beta firmware from them.
    my Version is v108v23. I plugged my Raiju Ultimate to the super converter and did update it. then tried like 2 times and it worked.(it only works in Usb mode ) if you need photo's of proof I don't mind
  11. kelleraug

    kelleraug New Member

    Oh I believe you 100%, and I talked to their support, but frankly they had no clue what they were talking about (support told me the Raiju is not supported even though it's listed on their compatibility page). And I believe it was the latest beta? I just took the URL for the current firmware, and added a _BETA prior to the .zip in the link. Do you still have the URL you used?
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  12. 1988fido

    1988fido Member

    maybe yours didn't work coz you didn't do it right.
    the zip file leave it as it is and don't rename it , just rename the exe
    also don't use the common extract method that puts it in a folder (xxasdasdxxx/ ) that ends with slash it will screw the directory for it , it gave me errors many times. I contacted their page on facebook and a their product manager replied to me:


    I did comment on some of their posts and he did reply to me and asked if I am interested in trying their BETA and he told me how to rename it etc..
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  13. kelleraug

    kelleraug New Member

    That's interesting (I work in I.T., so it's unusual to have to rename the executable, unless the script it is running has a separate clause based on the name of the executable. Their representatives through their site have given me no help whatsoever, would you be able to just toss the beta firmware in an archive and send it to me? Assuming it's possible to get the tournament version of the Raiju working on it (it has a different firmware framework than the ultimate as it can only save one active profile vs 4) I'm sure I can figure it out, but anything to save time would be awesome!
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  14. kelleraug

    kelleraug New Member

    I installed the BETA drivers (correctly, as described, with no errors), still no dice. Brooks Support claims this controller is not supported or tested.
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  15. Uebernueber

    Uebernueber New Member

    In seems that there are two versions of the switch adapter, one which is an wii U adapter (blue/white) which can be updated to support switch (and does not support razor raiju) and one which is designated switch adapter (red/blue) which has in description that it supports razor raiju.

    wii u with support for switch --> http://www.brookaccessory.com/detail/66392028/
    swtich --> http://www.brookaccessory.com/detail/10323791/

    Not sure if this is your case. I am currently looking for an adapter in order to be able to use razor raiju original on switch.

    Any comments welcome.
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  16. 1988fido

    1988fido Member

    sorry for the Delay.
    this is the files I put them on Wetransfer ( i put the exe direct with my renaming and the html file that is in the folder so just run it as admin and lets see )

    1- I own 2 converters

    I used Razer raiju Ultimate to be plugged to it when I did firmware update Beta
    I used on the 2nd converter the ps4 original controller to update the firmware beta

    both ways worked and even 3rd try with original raiju "not ultima"

    2- its funky not like try to plug it again and do it again then try to plug it to nintendo switch and wait a while etc.. for me it took me like 12 minutes to get it to work.

    3- I have the brook super converter blue and Red

    I am making a Youtube video as a review :D a new channel for these types of things the niche market
  17. 1988fido

    1988fido Member

    for razer Raiju original you buy the Blue/RED it supports it out of the box without the need to Beta update
  18. 1988fido

    1988fido Member

    this works out of the box with Razer raiju "original"
    the blue and red

    then if you want to try the ultimate then have to BETA update

    btw it even worked with my ps4 original controller wireless don't know how but it did till i flashed it again beta because first time i beta updated it didn't work with raiju ultimate.
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  19. 1988fido

    1988fido Member

    did it work?
  20. kelleraug

    kelleraug New Member

    I own the Blue and Red, it did not work with my Raiju TE, neither before nor after Beta Firmware update. I have still been completely unable to get the Raiju working on switch.
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