razer Iskur seat width...conflicting answers

Discussion in 'Razer Gear' started by matt_gold_99, Jun 23, 2022.

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  1. matt_gold_99

    matt_gold_99 New Member

    Sorry all, I know this has been asked before, but I am wondering about the seat width of the Iskur. That being the Iskur, NOT the Iskur XL.
    Specifically, the width of where my thighs are likely to touch the seat bucket sides. The width of the FRONT of the seat where your butt goes.
    I am asking because I've looked it up and I keep seeing 17". such as:
    Backrest Width (shoulder level) 19 inches (48.26cm)
    Seating Area Width (total) 21 inches (53.34cm)
    Seating Area Width (point of contact) 17 inches (43.18cm)
    Recommended User Height 5'6"-6'2" / 170-190cm
    Recommended Weight <299 pounds (108.4cm)
    (pasted from Toms hardware, and other sources as well)

    however, if I look at the Razer At a Glance, it appears to be 395mm, which is only 15.5".

    so which is it? 15.5" seems quite narrow but 17" seems very reasonable.

    Sorry again for the redundant questions...like I say, I've seen it asked quite a few times.
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  2. -Mr.Nobody-

    -Mr.Nobody- Well-Known Member

    i owned the OG iskur with lumbar support, I think it's 15.5 inch. I'm a short guy 5'3 and it fits perfectly for me. My roommate is 6 and he said it fits great for him. Unless you sit crossover ur feet if u are 6 feet tall, the XL way to goo, it will be to tight if u do that
  3. matt_gold_99

    matt_gold_99 New Member

    Definitely confusing. Most sources say it's 17".
    I'm about 5'7. I never sit cross legged, but I also don't sit with my legs tightly together. I sit...you know...normally.
    Do you think I'll feel cramped in this chair?
  4. -Mr.Nobody-

    -Mr.Nobody- Well-Known Member

    i can assure u, you will sit comfortably. I'm sure it is not 17 inches, I just measure my seats and it is 15'5 for "C"
    and between D and C is 17 the side cover i guess the name for it
    u can also go to razer store official if u somehow near it
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