Razer Raiju Ultimate New Batch v1.04

Discussion in 'Console Peripherals' started by stavrosmangaros, Jan 29, 2019.

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  1. stavrosmangaros

    stavrosmangaros Active Member

    Im gonna make this short for everyone: RMA YOUR CONTROLLER NOW. CONTACT RAZER'S LIVE CHAT SUPPORT AND RMA IT: https://support.razer.com/live-chat . If u wanna know why im saying this then read below.

    I have a Raiju Ultimate and like most/all of you here it has the same problems. Stick drifts, dead zone issues, connected wirelessly to my PS4 right away but never connected again from that point on the next day. I have waited for many months like many here, tried the v1.01, tried the v1.02 beta, tried the v1.03. Nothing changed with the stick drift. So fellow members have been hearing about a new batch of controllers that works perfectly. Also people have been talking of the Ultimate controller being out of stock for a couple weeks everywhere. So after it gets back on stock people have been getting a newer batch with v1.04 inside and its been working perfectly.

    So i decide to RMA (return with warranty) my controller as well. I send it back to my reseller, thats what Razer's live chat support ( https://support.razer.com/live-chat ) advised me to do and in case they couldnt RMA it then i could talk with them. In the meantime i ask Razer's live chat suppor whether i could get the v1.04 cuz in case the RMA controller i get has the v1.01 i dont want to wait another 2 weeks for them to send me a replacement that might again have the v1.01 and they tell me this: The v1.04 is for the newly manufactured controllers only and NOT for the older units. I heard about this yesterday. So today the reseller calls me back and informs me that they will RMA my controller. And i talk to them about this and they inform me this: from what they know the newest batch with the v1.04 most propably has a new chip, so it has a different hardware and thus the new firmware 1.04 cant be given to the older units. So we talk about this and i ask them what i can do? Cuz the RMA product could very well be an older batch. So they tell me this, when they place an order it takes about 45 days for the ship to arrive and they have placed several orders, the next one coming was placed around a month ago so they are unsure whether it will have the newest batch or not and advised me to talk to the razer live chat support again to save myself some time.

    So i do that again and they tell me that in case the controller i get from the reseller isnt the newest batch then razer's live chat support will contact the warranty team and are willing to replace the new controller i get on their own so i can save myself maybe months of RMAing it here hoping i get the new batch. Which was honestly very helpful of them. But they told me they dont know whether the newest batch has a hardware change or a big software change. Tho the big software change is also possible and maybe the way the controller is designed doesnt let them replace the software entirely, still at this moment i believe its a hardware change. In any case the stock that the razer EU store has are as of right now all the newest batch with v1.04 inside. So what do i want to say with all this? Contact Razer Live Chat Support, if u dont know how then just google "razer live chat support" and u will find it right away, there is a list of subjects, press on the console peripherals and an agent will talk with you RIGHT AWAY and help you to RMA (replace with warranty) your controller. DONT WAIT FOR ANOTHER FIRMWARE UPGRADE. DONT WASTE TIME WAITING. RMA YOUR CONTROLLER.
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  2. stavrosmangaros

    stavrosmangaros Active Member

    ok i linked this thread to most threads made in a while, i hope everyone sees this and reads all this info to realise there's hope finally and a way to get a new perfectly working controller.
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  3. May I know what country you from?
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  4. stavrosmangaros

    stavrosmangaros Active Member

    IM from Greece but i think if ur from Europe its the same, for more info tho talk with the razer live chat support
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  5. I can 99^ confirm that the newer batch has new hardware.

    First contacted the reseller who allowed me to refund the controller even after 3 months of use which is pretty nice to say the least. After I phoned razer support.

    I asked him if I were to buy a new controller from the Europe store if I’d get one with v1.04 firmware. He said he could never guarantuee it but it was likely.

    In my conversation with support he said the latest firmware he can provide is 1.03 and he was not at liberty to discuss 1.04.

    When talking to him about buying a new controller from the EU Razer store he let the words “newer model” slip and hesitantly tried to correct himself.

    Sounds pretty clear cut to me that the latest controllers have different hardware. I think it’s quite sad to see they are not being open about it though so we don’t have to guess or are left in the dark. If you made a bad production choice and you corrected it in later units you owe it to us as paying customers to admit your mistakes and let everyone make a conscious choice about going through an RMA process or wait for a new firmware update that might never come.

    Would like to receive an official razer support response to this but it’s probably not gonna come..
  6. stavrosmangaros

    stavrosmangaros Active Member

    Thing is tho regardless of the fact that their policy isnt what we would like, at this moment if u RMA ur controller from the EU store u can get guaranteed a v1.04 copy, they were out of stock for a couple weeks or more, then the new stock that came was of the newer batch and since then they have been producing that. So its safe to say if u RMA it from Razer's live chat support u will get one working perfectly.
  7. Same story if you were to buy a new one from the store they should in theory have no 1.01 version available I reckon.
  8. stavrosmangaros

    stavrosmangaros Active Member

    i think i read in my original post that they have places several orders, the last one was a month ago and they have placed a few ones after that. So they arent sure whether the new batch was being produced at the time the order was made.

  9. Well either way I ordered one on the EU razer webstore let’s see what I get.
  10. stavrosmangaros

    stavrosmangaros Active Member

    Wait dont u have one already? or did u send it back for a refund? In case u still have one just RMA it, dont buy a second one
  11. I refunded it as I had no option to rma it via the reseller and it would mean I’d have to rma it with razer at my own cost so I was better off buying a new one and refund the old one. In case the one I receive is a 1.01 I’ll RMA it the same day.
  12. stavrosmangaros

    stavrosmangaros Active Member

    wise choice, tho when u RMA it with razer even if u got it from the reseller u dont cover any cost, they pay the couriers
  13. Support told me I had to cover myself
  14. stavrosmangaros

    stavrosmangaros Active Member

    thats weird they told me yesterday i wouldnt have to cover anything, i think one of the agents who talked to us was wrong thats safe to say lmao
  15. dd3xpert

    dd3xpert New Member

    Well, I need to go and ask for a replacement at my reseller. Only problem is if that I dont know if I get a unit from the newer batch with 1.04, I'll hope that I get some answers from support regarding this today, and maybe they can provide me with some info how to see it on the serial.no on the controllers.

    Then I can get the reseller to pick it out of the box and confirm it right away instead of going back and forth to the reseller, bc I'm really tired of it tbh
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  16. stavrosmangaros

    stavrosmangaros Active Member

    Why dont u try out what i did? contact the razer live chat support, tell them in case u get an older batch from ur reseller u would like to RMA it to them instead. They agreed when i asked them so im sure they would agree about your case as well. Just inform them before u pick up a new one.
  17. Try ask for a refund. I think razer might have issued something regarding the controller that allows people to refund it. Normally we have a 14 day return policy but they allowed me to return the controller after 3 months of use which is anything but normal.

    Made me think that resellers have been given clearance for refunds. Afterwards you can place a new order with razer.

    Seems mine shipped yday out of Hong Kong ( probably directly from the production facility ) so high hopes it’s got the new firmware I’ll update once I receive it ( probably tommorow )
  18. stavrosmangaros

    stavrosmangaros Active Member

    If it was coming from Hong Kong it would take much more than this, they are sending it to you from their own stock but their stock right now is the new batch but i was yesterday they didnt make too many of the new batch so lets see.

  19. I paid for express delivery otherwise it would take over 10 days. Anyway the T&T says it shipped out of Hong Kong yesterday and arrived in Germany today. Would be a whole lot of hassle to go through to add fake shipping info to the track and trace
  20. stavrosmangaros

    stavrosmangaros Active Member

    no it should be legit, its rare for stores to actually get products sent by plane honestly, most do it by ship to save money but lets hope u get the new one!
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