Razer Raiju Ultimate New Batch v1.04

Discussion in 'Console Peripherals' started by stavrosmangaros, Jan 29, 2019.

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  1. Just to update received my controller today 1.04 firmware.
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  2. stavrosmangaros

    stavrosmangaros Active Member

    Nice man!!! Tell us how it feels!!
  3. Deadzone gone, “possessed movement” gone, can finally aim without having to adjust all the time.

    The only thing that happened was the auto drift where your character steers uncontrollably for 3 seconds.

    Fixed with just turning off and on controller no issues to report after 3h of gameplay
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  4. aboodvic

    aboodvic New Member

    but how u can till this is new model
  5. I checked firmware it came with 1.04 so it’s definitely something new whatever it is
  6. aboodvic

    aboodvic New Member

    if this is the case I will replace main but maybe I have to wait sometime so they send it worldwide bc i'm in middle east
  7. Mefiik

    Mefiik New Member

    So even with 1.04 the controller is not without issues?
  8. theonebeingsung

    theonebeingsung New Member

    So if I order the raiju ultimate from the eu store now will I get one from the new batch? I already have the broken one but I really like the controller so I dobt mind buying again but I definitely dont want another broken one..
  9. SongJiHyoZ

    SongJiHyoZ New Member

    Personally there is no unofficial download link for v1.04. You have to generate a Sleeping Beauty script to get one... lol

    I myself just gotten this controller at software version v1.001. Horrible drifting from left and right sticks.

    Updated to v1.03 earlier in the afternoon (SGT), found that the left stick still wants to do some Initial D moves lol.

    To me the Controller now is still in "disgusting" mode to me as the firmware updates still has not solved the "Drifting" issue which many users here including me have encountered.

    I guess I have to use my default PS4 controller for now xD.
    I sincerely hope that you can get other Razer products instead of this one for now...
  10. ALE5510

    ALE5510 New Member

    I find it shameful that an update is released hw without any communication, at the limit of complaint! They are really shameful ... never again a razer product! Now I immediately request a replacement with the updated model!
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  11. stavrosmangaros

    stavrosmangaros Active Member

    most likely there's a hardware change with the new batch of controllers so the v1.04 cant be used with the older batch. So again RMA ur controller.


    Just talk with the razer live chat support and RMA ur controller, send it back to them so u can get a new one. Also the v1.04 i've been told was produced in smaller numbers as a test for now so they will see how that goes. So u might end up getting an older batch if they are out of stock with the new ones. If u RMA it u can ask for one with the v1.04, if they send u an older batch then u RMA it again till u get a new batch. But in any case u dont pay anything more. U already paid for one controller.
  12. theonebeingsung

    theonebeingsung New Member

    The problem is that i bought it 4 months ago and it was from a local retailer so i dont think they will accept to rma it for me unfortunately

    If i made sure that i will get the new one then i wouldnt mind to buy it again
  13. ALE5510

    ALE5510 New Member

    I think it's right to receive the new and working version, otherwise even the old but WORKING, even months had passed. They sold an UNWANTED product, a paperweight, so it's a must to replace it with the working version / model!
  14. stavrosmangaros

    stavrosmangaros Active Member

    i got mine from a reseller, contacted the razer live chat support, they told me to RMA it with my reseller so i did that, i RMA'd it with them, i asked the live chat support tho whats happens in case they decline my request to change it for a new one OR they send me an older version? (it will have v1.01 firmware) If that happens can i RMA it with you guys? they said in that case you can. So i did, got an older batch and now im in the process of RMAing with Razer. So first action is calling back the store and telling them u will send it back to them to have it replaced with warranty. Second action is contacting the razer live chat support and asking them in case the RMA'd product u get is the older batch, whether they could help u RMA it with them? THey said yes to me, they will say yes to you too. Even if ur reseller accepts to RMA it or not it makes zero difference. In case u dont get a new batch just ask for Razer to RMA it. In case u do then no problem. In case they dont want to RMA it or say thats its fine and they wont replace it with another, u RMA it with Razer. I decided to take the time and RMA it with my reseller, got an older batch. Contacted supported 2 days ago, they put a request for the new batch, today it got accepted from the warranty team, i gave them my info and proof of purchase (took a photo of my receipt) and now they are gonna reply back in 24 to 72 hours with details about the RMA. It looks to me like ur hesitating to use ur warranty, thats why it exists. USE IT.
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  15. yuri981998

    yuri981998 New Member

    γεια σου σταυρο τι θα γινει με αυτο το firmware ; εχω το ιδιο προβλημα
  16. FilipMvP

    FilipMvP New Member

    Today is also mine delivered . I ordered new one from Razer store.... Was delivered to Netherlands within 4 business so very fast ( i ordered without express delivery.
    I confirm the controller have 1.04 and so far so good issue free
    Regards Filip
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  17. Alexa_sa

    Alexa_sa New Member

    Im from Middle east too, I bought it from jarir store, tell me when u get a replacement plz so i can RMA it too.
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  18. ALE5510

    ALE5510 New Member

    I requested the replacement yesterday the other and still have to answer. I hope I do it, I'm tired of having a 200 € -.- firm card
  19. webpulseAero702

    webpulseAero702 New Member

    Send my 1.03 version back monday. Today i got a new controller with firmware v1.1.0.0 is this a new firmware or old?
  20. ALE5510

    ALE5510 New Member

    I think it's the old one
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