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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Lafar, Apr 13, 2020.

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  1. Timothy321

    Timothy321 Well-Known Member

    But the live chat service is still always unavailable....
  2. poppacalypse

    poppacalypse Well-Known Member

    From personal experience, I have felt Razer CS improve (slowly, but surely) over the years.

    Sure, Reddit says otherwise. But coming from someone who has worked customer service for over a decade, I've learned that only unhappy people care to write negative reviews. And, negative people complain a lot. If you observe, they have complaints about pretty much everything, not just your company or brand.

    Happy customers mostly don't bother - when things work as they should, they just go about their day and don't even think about reviews and whatnot. E.g. after a good meal, people will just move on to the next thing, like go for a movie, go walk in the park etc. 99.5% of happy customers wouldn't think of writing a good 5-star review, they're just happy and loyal to you, and that's good enough.

    So, it's really hard to gauge a company's service from Reddit or Google rating. The only way, really, is to try it out yourself. 90% of what other people say is just noise and we gotta learn how to tune it out.

    Anyway, congrats Razer. I was really happy to see my fav brand outdo my ex-fav brand! :)

    Thank you for coming to my TED talk.
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  3. ZarrQvark

    ZarrQvark New Member


    This post is feedback for Razer because I am very disappointed.
    I used 3 old Razer Naga (blue, green and red Molten Core) for many years in World of Warcraft raids and it was a great experience.

    In 2019, I bought a new Naga with removable panels to replace the Logitech G600, which I used at work. I bought Logitech to check how suitable it is for games and came to the conclusion that it is disgusting. In 2019, I ordered a new Naga without even looking at its appearance, because for me, Naga is a legendary gaming mouse that I have known for many years.
    AND THE COURIER DELIVES ME some kind of squalor like Logitech with its buttons! WHAT?

    I don’t know who is now engaged in ergonomics, but buying a new Naga I really expected to get a Naga, not Logitech.
    Previously, I could press buttons with the edge of the phalanx of the thumb and the joint on the finger. The button move was rather small, but pressing was distinct, nothing was accidentally pressed.

    Now the buttons are sticking out, their shape is knocking out of the case and in order to firmly grasp at rearranging the mouse, you need to take it with your whole palm, reach with your thumb to the area at the beginning of the case where there are no buttons and rearrange. Otherwise, there is a chance to click something.

    Pressing the key itself has become a kind of perversion. The buttons sticking out of the case prevent you from normally pressing 1-2-3. The game begins to work out like this: 1114114111111414141111225222225236363

    I will not take Naga anymore if the form continues to remain so miserable. Why do I need keys on the mouse if I cannot use them normally?

    The transfer of the sensitivity control keys also did poorly. Previously, I never accidentally clicked on them. Now it’s not like in the game, just when working or surfing the Internet, the sensitivity constantly switches.

    PS: Sorry for the bad English.
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  4. Hello I need help finding the microphone for the kraken moblie I have seen reviews and they do mic test but I can not find it pls help
  5. roody4ever

    roody4ever Member

    Crazy. Good job guys!
  6. SetoKaiba_HS

    SetoKaiba_HS Member

    I contact Razer support to ask a warranty for my Razer gear but still no reply for more than a week. Is this normal?
  7. BlackFireDragon

    BlackFireDragon Well-Known Member

    My last expiriance with support my blade have some kind of issue so i go to store whre i buy it they send it to razer eu repair center i get it back as working unit. In the same day blade have the same issue so i contact back store and make rma again and contact razer support chat and this was a suprice this repair was in non autorized repair center so via chat i make rma send every info about purcuase and doocument and dont get back any replay after few days i get email from razer we dont hear back from you we hope everything is working fine etc. I dont know what email system razer have but it's anoing. On email in send message is soreplay was 100% send.
  8. Hardsequencer

    Hardsequencer Member

    AWESOME ! Well done customer service staff and others who helped make this happen , its definitely something to be very proud of .
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  9. amartyrstale

    amartyrstale New Member

    To be honest!
    That's well deserved!
    Razer is always been good in customer service from my experience.
    Heck I don't even join forums but I love Razer so much due to experiences that now I'm here
  10. cravenguy

    cravenguy Member

    Razer literally has a 15/100 rating on trustpilot but ok
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  11. michaeljeff

    michaeljeff New Member

  12. ommnibox

    ommnibox New Member

    I Just bought a Razer Blade 15 and it was defective out of box, I started the RMA process and sent back my laptop, and now i am unable to phone them, or live chat and they dont answer emails. They have not sent me a new laptop, even though they promised me 3 day turnover. and now it has been two weeks with no contact.
    So i cannot agree with your above post unfortunately.

    oops i posted funny, im not refering to m-s-g 's post, but the original post of the thread
  13. Suecore

    Suecore Active Member

    Keep up the good stuff.
  14. not so sure about that. In my experience, there is no Razer support. None, whatsoever.
  15. Amalerion

    Amalerion New Member

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  16. cravenguy

    cravenguy Member

    you haven't bothered to make your point
    are you saying trustpilot can't be trusted?
    or do you actually think apple is a reputable company? you know, the company that marketed one of their monitor stands for $1000
  17. DrizztD0

    DrizztD0 New Member

  18. honor12

    honor12 New Member

    hi i dont know of this the right area for this but i was just wondering if u all going to update the razer addon for wow the pre pacth has been out for almost a week now and addon has not been updated yet i been useing bartender 4 to replace it but i hate it wont to go back to useing razer addon but its broken plz update it soon
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