Razer Surround Pro - incorrect sound after reboot until toggling on/off

Discussion in 'Razer Synapse' started by EMERALDRoseTaupesolo455, Apr 17, 2019.

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  1. Razer Surround Pro was working fine with my previous USB headset.

    I switched to a new pair of headsets which use an audio jack pair (sound and microphone), but since then whenever I reboot the sound is not correct (sounds default/aweful, definitely not through razer surround) until I turn razer surround OFF then back ON again (it always reboots set to ON which is fine) then its back to awesome again. If I then close down and reopen Razer Surround everything is fine an I do not have to manuall toggle it ON, so the issue is only after a Reboot or resume from Sleep, like it has not engaged with the OS/Hardware correctly.


    Why could this be?

    I have disabled all sound devices in windows except Razer Surround and the on board sound card.

  2. "sounds default/aweful, definitely not through razer surround" - in retrospect, it may be partially working through razer, but with much reduced sound quality, until i toggle ON/OFF/ON.
  3. I still have the problem, but interestingly the workaround is to toggle any sound setting on/off/on not just the Razer Surround one. I think I shall buy an Audio Jack to USB converter so I can hang off a USB port instead - I think that will work better.

    E.g. If I change the sound format from none to windows sonic and apply it fixes the issue, OR if I turn it from windows sonic back to none and click apply!
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