Razer Synapse 2.0 on macOS High Sierra issue

Discussion in 'Razer Synapse' started by RADIUMU92-SSBPLASMA, Feb 6, 2018.

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  1. technolink388

    technolink388 New Member

    Thank you for your reply, it seems like most mac users with Razer mice use the mouse acceleration. I personally think it's awful but yeah, not everyone is the same. Well, I found a solution. When I delete the razerhid.kext and restart my mac, the default sensitivity will be the last sensitivity stage I used on Synapse, 2800 Dpi in my case, but clicking on the Dpi buttons will change to the default dpi stages: (800,1800,4500,9000,16k). It's not optimal but hey, it works. I love my Razer mouse so far but yeah, Synapse is just awful on a Mac. Fortunately I won't use it for too long on my Macbook Pro. Saving for a tower atm.
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  2. interactiveworld956

    interactiveworld956 New Member

    Hello!! I've just bought a Mamba Firefly Hyperflux (for my MacBook Pro, OS 10.13), but Synapse doesn't recognise no devices!!
    Some updates?! Thank you so much!
  3. Razer_TheFiend

    Razer_TheFiend Well-Known Member Staff Member

    The Mamba Hyperflux is exclusively supported on Synapse 3, which is only available on Windows.
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  4. interactiveworld956

    interactiveworld956 New Member

    I wasted my money?!? :frown_::confused_:
  5. BaccaBoss2

    BaccaBoss2 Active Member

    Until the Mac devs catch up, yep.
  6. radiotechVolt679

    radiotechVolt679 New Member

    I'm a new Razer user, with a Naga Chroma on my iMac 27" late 2015...my issue is that I'm trying to access the dashboard, but it says it needs System Prefference approval, but I go there and there is nothing to approve...(I've attached an image...) Thnxx for any help you can give me and have a great evening!!! :)

    ScreenShot.jpg check the screen shot...nothing to approve!! ???
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  7. F41N7

    F41N7 New Member

    My Chroma mouse wont get registered with Synapse, I keep getting the message:

    "Please connect a Razer Synapse enabled device"
    I'm looking at my mouse, it's clearly plugged in - Though I'm using a USB to USB-C adapter because I have a MacBook 2017 without regular USB ports. But it should work anyway? Everything else I have connected through the USB to USB-C adapter works, so why won't my mouse register with Synapse? I'm moving my cursor around with it. Is this an issue with the Synapse software? Please help me.
  8. WhiteJADEfront201

    WhiteJADEfront201 New Member

    So, almost a MONTH since the final version was released and we still have NOTHING. And for those who think the problem is only with macOS: it's not. I do work with Windows too and, despite it OPENS, it bugs constantly, crashes and do crazy stuff too.

    Also, my mouse battery promises me lots of hours of working without charge but since I bought it, just last 2-3h. I have sent an e-mail to Razer support and, like everyone else, they just answered blablabla, blablabla, it's not a product problem, blablabla.

    The problem wasn't the MacOS developers, the problem is the Razer DEVELOPERS. The whole company doesn't care about giving you proper support in any case. Just wasted my money (A LOT of it by the way: an Ouroboros) and I'll tell you: RAZER NEVER MORE ON MY LIFE.

    By the way, this STUPID nickname on my profile was suggested by Razer and, when I create the account, I just WASN'T ABLE TO CHANGE, the fields just doesn't work. Really guys, FIRE EVERY DEVELOPER ON THIS STUPID COMPANY AND START THIS SH** ALL OVER AGAIN.
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  9. Ghost.Valk

    Ghost.Valk New Member

    My Ornata Chroma just switched to Static (Green) after... an entire life of never working with Synapse for Mac xD Well, in my case, i exactly wanted to set it like that, so i don't mind if it's a bug or just started working, i'm satisfied.

    However, a few seconds ago my Mamba Tournament Edition got frozen, had to unplug-plug to make it work again (bought it the last week), so it would be a shame if it starts failing now :/

    Terminal -> sudo spctl --master-disable

    With that you will get Apps from Anywhere on that screen, unlock and set. That's Apple protocol since.. Sierra i believe, by default all apps not from the appstore are blocked. Can't believe you just realized that xD
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  10. Fuchsiaheathead295

    Fuchsiaheathead295 New Member

    Well...the end of tentative April has come and gone, and Mac users are still out in the cold here. Has any progress been made on this issue? It's becoming hard to believe you have a dedicated team for MacOS without an update or new information for this long. I understand Razer believes Mac users of their products are a niche market (and def treats us as such) - but at the same time how could they expect any other outcome with support being this poor for the platform? Not trying to crack the atom over here, I just want a $@^& keyboard to work properly.

    Im on 10.13.3 and Synapse won't launch, and you are talking 10.13.4? Slow down there, Usain.

    RZUpdater continually shows up in Activity Monitor as not responding, and has ever since I started using this keyboard, which is well over a year now no matter how many times I install, uninstall, and reinstall your product.

    Maybe its time to nuke the current MacOS Synapse codebase (what have to got to lose at this point), and start fresh so it actually launches and works and stuff.
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  11. glynis37

    glynis37 New Member

    Synapse update is here! Hope this works, I have kept my mouse functioning by delaying system upgrades. Definitely shopping for a non-Razer replacement. I went through this nonsense in 2016 and won't do it again!
  12. WhiteJADEfront201

    WhiteJADEfront201 New Member

    As I said in another topic: Razer NEVER more in my life: First and LAST product. So disrespectful.
  13. Fuchsiaheathead295

    Fuchsiaheathead295 New Member

    I gave up and gifted my blackwidow chroma 2 to a windows friend. Hopefully he has better luck than I did with it.

    Picked up a WASD Code 104 instead, and no drivers required which is great. Its not rgb backlit though, just white which Im fine with.
  14. BaccaBoss2

    BaccaBoss2 Active Member

    Hopefully you guys serve as an example of what poor support of products brings. I like Razer gear, but the dismal, underwhelming support is frustrating and turns away customers. Please take note Min.
  15. Ghost.Valk

    Ghost.Valk New Member

    Actually, i wanted a normal Ornata, but couldn't find one with spanish keyboard, so had to buy the chroma version; luckily it's stuck with static green color, so it's the same
  16. easyjay39402

    easyjay39402 New Member

    I have had this exact problem "off and on" for a month. Stopped working, then worked for about two weeks, then stopped again today. My Synapse client sometimes is not able to connect to my profile on the Razer servers. Because it is an intermittent problem, I doubt that it is with my MacOS, which I can tell you has not changed. Sounds like a Razer server admin issue to me.

    Thanks ... this works !!!
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  17. dvanhoozer

    dvanhoozer New Member

    Wished I had read this thread before I purchased my birthday present for my mac. The hardware feels so wonderful to type on. The synapse v2.0 I just download for the Mac does not even recognize that I have BWCv2 plugged into the Mac. Now I'm stuck with randomly change back-lighting and way to load the macro keys. I'm hoping that somewhere I can find the documentation on what ASCII sequences I need to send to the USB port in order to do the configuration myself. Anyone know where that doc is kept?
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  18. Since (I suspect) the changes to the EU privacy regulations, my synapse 2.0 on High Sierra reopens (and usually hangs) EVERY time I unlock my mac. It constantly forgets my devices, forgets my profile, decides there's no battery in may mamba, changes my profile or just crashes.

    This latest version is quite possibly the worst piece of software I've ever had the misfortune to have installed on any computer ever and it's a guarantee of me never buying any Razer stuff again despite using only Razer peripherals for well over 10 years on all my computers.

    I'm genuinely irritated and upset by this. Either give up, stop pretending to support OSX and admit you don't give a damn about us or write some decent code for once.
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  19. DarkTaninfodaily772

    DarkTaninfodaily772 New Member

    Razer synapse is broken in mojave. Work on it now. Thx.
  20. franctastic

    franctastic Member

    continuous crashes in macOS High Sierra 10.13.6 beta (17G39b)


    Synapse is a disaster!


    at Mojave and macOS High Sierra


    developers have abandoned the SYNAPSE project for Mac?

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