Razer Tartarus Pro?

Discussion in 'Keyboards' started by Furbatr0n, Apr 21, 2021.


Would you recommend the tartarus?

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  1. Furbatr0n

    Furbatr0n New Member

    So i have been looking into a razer tartarus pro.

    Has anyone used this item before or who has it and would you recommend it? I would love a razer keyboard but i am really happy with the keyboard that i have at the moment but was looking at the tartarus for comfort and convenience. Would love any feedback and your thoughts on the product
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  2. JannaFF

    JannaFF New Member

    Avoid untill they fix the sticky keys issue with their software, same as huntsman v2 analog.

    Tartarus pro been out for months and they didnt fix the problem.
  3. Furbatr0n

    Furbatr0n New Member

    thank you for the update! i will keep an eye on this im not ready to buy one yet anyway due to funds so we will see!
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  4. I don't recommend Tartarus devices, because they have a huge hardware quality problem on the thumb-stick area. It breaks, sometimes after few month. I couldn't find any information, that Razer modified something with the actual productions.
    At least, the 2 step functionality of the keys is badly implemented and useless.
    Another problem is, that this device needs Synapse3, which is a huge driver desaster. Everybody can find the massive complaints here or on reddit.
    The only alternative is the Orbweaver, which has better hardware quality (with some exceptions) and uses Synapse2. If you don't use Razer any Synapse3 bound products, this would be a recommandation.

    Because I am a great fan of keypads with joysticks, and Razer is the only company (!!!), that offers such devices, I would be totally happy, to get such a device with hardware stability and a smooth working driver.
    Unfortunatelly, they don't get a grip an these problems.
    Thats really sad.
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  5. Furbatr0n

    Furbatr0n New Member

    thank you! thats unfortunate! i wanted a razer keyboard but honestly i love the one that i have and i though maybe i will get the tartrus pro but from the sounds of it it's not worth purchasing until the hardware and software fixes are done on it"
  6. Zer0_Kelvin

    Zer0_Kelvin Member

    I would stay away from the Tartarus line under Synapse 3 software.

    There are quality issues regarding the switches for the DPAD on both models (V2 & Pro), and besides the sticky issue, there are other deficiencies for this gamepad as compared to legacy devices on Synapse 2 (Software related).

    It would be nice if Razer would come to task and resolve this stuff, but, perhaps they don't have a lot of money. /sarcasm
  7. Sad but true. I still can't believe, that there is no reaction on reslving hardware- and software problems. They really ignore anything, as it seems.
  8. Zer0_Kelvin

    Zer0_Kelvin Member

    I'm going to try to be constructive here, albeit with speculation.

    Even on my Razer Nostromo (Synapse 2.0 software), I get from time to time my direction keys (DPAD) sticking where my character ends up running in some direction, and the only way to stop it is to double-tap in the direction my character is going in.

    I can't replicate this 100% of the time, but it most always happens when I'm holding down one of the DPAD directions while switching keymaps or having a macro running at that time.

    I believe the combination of the above events can more reliably duplicate the issue of the sticking keys, but this has only happened to me on the DPAD on the controller.
    It's never happened thus far with my Tartarus V2 (Synapse 3), but addmittedly, I do not use that gamepad much to ever have the scenario happen, as I'm somewhat unsatisfied with the deficiencies of Synapse 3 versus Synapse 2, and thus still primarily using my Razer Nostromo (Synapse 2) device.

    I may try the PRO and try to replicate, but again, I feel it might be caused by switching of the keymaps, while holding down one of the DPAD directions (and or) running a macro at the same time.

    The Keymap switching and or Macro operation may not recognize consistently the release of the DPAD direction by the user and assume it's pressed (not detecting a release even on the key while a keymap change and or macro operation is occurring).
  9. I kind of hate mine.

    I have trouble controlling my character in MMOs and this thing would be perfect if it worked.
    Bloated software, no support, sticking thumb software thing that has been a problem for 5 years and Razer hasn't fixed, and on top of that it doesn't play a macro one out of 4 times when i press the key.

    I got dependent on it back when I had a Nostromo and I wish I never had.
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  10. Mysticgeoworld055

    Mysticgeoworld055 New Member

    Bought Tartarus Pro and the synapse 3 does not recognize it anyone know where i can download firmware/software? on support
  11. 7unLe

    7unLe New Member

    V2 is much more better if you don't mind the clicking sounds^^, I had been using Orbweaver chroma before Tartarus Pro, now I'm going to get a Tartarus V2 instead.
  12. botosaure

    botosaure New Member

    The sticky / ghost keys is a software issue.
    Uninstall Synapse and it will work fine.
  13. JannaFF

    JannaFF New Member

    Sure, so i cant use my other devices the way i want to.

    How about they fix it after months of people complaining?
  14. botosaure

    botosaure New Member

    Don't get me wrong.
    I'm far from finding this normal from Razer.
    But it's unfortunately the only solution to get rid of this problem of ghost keys.

    Razer does nothing to solve this software problem...
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