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  1. yeah i hope Australia to
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    I just bought a new razer blade 17 with max specs early 2022 model. I received it on the preorder release date Which was 2/22/22 I haven't even owned it a day and it says I cannot add razer care! I bought mine from the US Razer.com store. Then I go to ask customer support for help and they say I should be able to add it but they have no idea why the website won't allow me to so thy open up a support ticket and I was told within 1-3 business they will have the issue resolved. It's been over 3 business days and nothing is resolved nor do they even respond with anything in email other than saying "we will respond to you within 1-3 business days" this customer service is not good at all. Please someone from razer look into this matter...
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    why i cant get code to mobile phone
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    lol keep your cords up and the pets wont get them
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    hi i dont know how to post can you help please
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    Wish code?
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    Alguien me ayuda como puedo conseguir los codigos de respado...ya que perdi nu numero de contacto y solo tengo el correo
  10. kindly please let me know what is the meaning of this ? i cant set a macro on my game.

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    It's just an info, that macro won't be stored into internal memory, and it require synapse running in the background.
  12. How to Buy Gold Razer Online?
  13. Ok
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    Razer store... absolute chefs kiss
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    I have a question, is Grand Theft Auto V going to be able to be playable on Xbox razor turret?
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    This gets better

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    Get RSA (South Africa) on your country list guys...alllooooooooooooooot of supporters this side too.
  18. Eu não tenho o número que eu coloquei, como faço pra recarregar se tá pedindo o código que foi enviado pro número que não tenho mas
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    still no basilisk dongle.. or even like release the software and figure out what to do.. the Bluetooth is garbage as far a gaming so it essentially makes the mouse useless as it heats up then stops working.. just a replacement dongle would be nice but I cant even get support to answer in forums or because its not under warranty NOW because it took three months and the kept saying its unavailable right now.. like seriously last time i buy anything..... have a razer keyboard I paid a bunch for and its the only reason I still use but once its done I'll be out which sucks cause mostly i like their stuff but I hear Logitech is fine and I already replaced the blade with a ROG
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    fowerd my point to my account.....
    If you do not see your accessory or replacement part, it means the item is either out of stock or no longer available for sale.

    New Items in the Store 3/16/21
    • Razer Nari Ear Cooling Gel Cushions
    • Razer Nommo Power Adapter
    • Razer Nari USB Dongle
    • Razer Black Shark V2 Pro USB Dongle
    • Razer Basilisk - Quartz Clutch-1
    • Razer Basilisk - Quartz Clutch-2
    • Razer Mamba Wireless Micro USB to USB Cable
    • Razer Wolverine Charging Cable
    • Razer DeathAdder V2 Pro Charging Cable

    New Items in the Store 4/22/20
    • Quartz Basilisk DPI Clutch
    • Atheris Stormtrooper Top Cover
    • Turret USB A - USB C Cable
    • Quartz Seiren X L-shape cable
    • Ripsaw USB A - USB C Cable
    • Ripsaw HDMI - HDMI Cable
    • Razer Nari USB Dongle
    • Mamba Wireless Cable Dongle

    New Items in the Store 8/21/19
    • Razer Kraken TE Refresh Cooling Gel Ear Cushions
    • Razer Nari Ultimate wireless transceiver dongle
    • Razer Nari Essential wireless transceiver dongle
    • Razer Nari Family Ear Cooling Gel Cushions
    • Razer Nari Family Charging Cable
    • 3.5 mm combo cable for Nari Family
    • Razer Electra V2 Removable Microphone
    • Razer Hammerhead Family Silicon Tip Replacement (Family of 4)
    • Mamba Wireless Cable
    • Huntsman Elite Wrist Rest
    • Razer Seiren X L-shape cable
    • Razer Seiren Elite Cable
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