RBS 2019 intel iris vs GTX 1650 with disabled dGPU battery performance

Discussion in 'Systems' started by gtorres88, Jan 10, 2020.

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  1. gtorres88

    gtorres88 New Member

    I’m interested in getting the RBS 2019 with the intel iris integrated GPU. My main goals are having a powerful computer that can last me for a while and has decent battery life (8 hours or so) with normal use. My use case is NOT gaming on the go. I’m thinking of pairing this computer with an eGPU for gaming. Points for the intel iris:

    - 25W CPU

    - Longer battery life

    - Better thermal profile, does not get as hot as the full GTX 1650 version.

    My question is whether I am doing myself a disservice by not getting the GTX 1650 version, seeing as how its just $100 more (with bigger HD too). I know the dGPU can be disabled, but can I expect to see similar power consumption as the intel iris version if I disable the dGPU most of the time? I’m seeing mixed results on this with reviews since everyone seems to have a different battery testing methodology.

    Planning to run linux on this, if that matters.
  2. Joikansai

    Joikansai Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    Gtx1650 actually doesn’t run hot at all because both cpu and dgpu are low wattage chips and since it use optimus technology unless it’s bugged by 3rd part apps like afterburner that wakes the dgpu, 1650maxq would be off when you’re doing nothing intensive like gaming. So basically you don’t have to disable dgpu. Not quite sure about base mercury battery life but on 1650maxq FHD you’ll get easily 6 hours doing nothing intensive like browsing, watching movies and paperwork I could easily get 8 hours, note in first two three days or weeks due Windows and other software update and optimization the battery might not as long as after system optimized. I tested the battery by letting it download things on screen on 50% brightness, I never really trust windows battery report or YouTube reviews. From 90% to 10% was 5,5 hours at 10% it still remains 50 minutes apparently according windows.
    For 100 bucks difference I would still go with gtx1650 one, downside this model is bigger ac adapter that I missed from previous stealth 2016 and maybe less sexy mercury color. But for the battery I can use mbp13 ac adapter on the go, it charges well as long i don’t game.
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