RECON ROLLTOP BACKPACK | Unleash Your Full Capacity

Discussion in 'Razer Gear' started by Dekades, Dec 3, 2020.

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  1. angelbreathe

    angelbreathe Well-Known Member

    Time to upgrade my V13?
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  2. El_Chameleon

    El_Chameleon Active Member

    Looks nice, but nothing beats the Rogue backpack for me.
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  3. magictim

    magictim Well-Known Member

    This year, we got 3 versions of the backpack.... Which is the BEST?!
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  4. pancholr

    pancholr Well-Known Member

    Nice Backpack
  5. SylvanasMage

    SylvanasMage Well-Known Member

    You get 8 more slots in the inventory when you equip the backpack!
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  6. Lenox.J.Low

    Lenox.J.Low Well-Known Member

    where is the "Razer" reflective label?
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  7. River_ssz

    River_ssz Active Member

    Looks fire!
  8. Maximusisback

    Maximusisback Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    I can agree, the backpacks ahve been getting nohing but solid designs for the last 3 years!!
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  9. dodo_0

    dodo_0 Well-Known Member

    It looks very practical :)
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  10. Temerarious

    Temerarious New Member

    Does anyone know what the dimensions for the laptop pocket are?
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  11. conan832

    conan832 Member

    Definitely getting this one. Gonna have a lot of use for it.
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  12. AlphaTay

    AlphaTay Well-Known Member

    pack and go, but not at the current moment.
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  13. angelbreathe

    angelbreathe Well-Known Member

    Nice, will use it as a hoodie!
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  14. R4phael20

    R4phael20 Active Member

    Looks awesome
  15. Maximusisback

    Maximusisback Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    Every standard 15 inch laptop should fit.
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  16. chrisgames7

    chrisgames7 New Member

    looks so dope!!!!
  17. River_ssz

    River_ssz Active Member

    Looks stealthy, I like it!
  18. Bluzie

    Bluzie Member

    Honestly I like this one and I plan to buy it I like razers style for gaming but in public I enjoy a stealth look!
  19. Eruant

    Eruant New Member

    Nice backpack, is it good to wear in a trip or maybe it is dedicated and made for laptops only, I mean inside. Is it possibile to pack some stuff like in common backpack or it has a pockets for laptop and pheriperals?
  20. Mkdeed

    Mkdeed Active Member

    Well this looks great for amount of stuff i carry to work and can carry even more with i definitely should get this if it's bigger and it just looks a lot nicer
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