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Discussion in 'Razer Synapse' started by dXcheeze, May 18, 2020.

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  1. dXcheeze

    dXcheeze New Member

    Wep, as the thread @DylShock got closed and me not being able to answer to this thread, thanks for nothing huh?...
    I´d simply reupload his question, because I think this is a BIG question and in my opinion fixable, if someone is paying attention... @Dekades @mltan

    For your question: Yes, I guess it´s a problem anyone else, who bought the Emote Display is having, at least I do have the same problem as you.
    And fixable, to be honest idk. I´d say Razer for sure is able to, but neither seen a program nor mod nor proper settings for synapse to "expand" the Connect feature. Beside deactivating everything...

    For being able to keep your pattern active while using the Stream Companion App.
    Even if it would only be, that i can activate my pattern in the Companion app
    I added a screenshot of the App. Its all there, but the feature to add your own Studio pattern is missing...

    I saw you added support of the Kraken Kitty Edition in synapse 3, which was also Companion app only at the beginning? But being a streamer who wants to present his special made chroma pattern in combination with the Emote Display just ends in somehow "color" (I dont even want to call it RGB with the Companion app) for all other razer devices...
    It´s really sad to have so much Chroma devices forced to a simple color. What is this? 1967? (year of color TV launch in my country)

    I mean nobody wants to get rid of the Streamer Companion app, don´t get me wrong!
    It´s just about integration and the possibility of using your OWN Chroma Studio Pattern WHILE streaming or better said while using the Emote Display together with the streamer companion app.

    I know Synapse 3 is still beta but c´mon Razer you can do better than this.

    Nontheless the Emote Display is LIT! (Would add a picture but sadly can´t as I cant show you my real chroma :rolleyes:)

    Keep up the good work and why not try fixing this ...or release a toaster... who said this? ;P

    everyone who bought a Emote Display and does not only do the rainbow theme...

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  2. J3rseyHack

    J3rseyHack New Member

    I am having an issue where I cant even see anything on the razer emote display even when trying to do testing. Its like it doesn't recognize it as being a razer device. Have you had any fix/heard of this at all? Even with the companion app, its not working.
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  3. dXcheeze

    dXcheeze New Member

    I did contact the razer support as I had exact the same issue... with doing a clean install of razer synapse I did get it to work...
    So first of all do a backup of all your devices and chroma pattern (its all saved in the cloud, but wanted to be safe).
    You can do so by exporting all of your profiles and afterwards importing them if it didn't work
    And ill just add the "guide" i gut from razer supp ->

    I'll add my PS already here, otherwise some could miss it:
    I did a point 2.5
    After deinstalling all drivers in step 2 I even unplugged all of my devices beside the mouse and restarted twice just to be safe the drivers are uninstalled.
    Even the support told me I don't really need to deinstall all drivers, but a buggy synapse could cause a buggy driver, so you never know.
    And of course DEINSTALL Stream Companion App before (SCA)

    I did unlink the links because I'm sure that I'm not allowed to post them, but I guess you figure out where to get the latest .NET Framework and Synape 3 by googleing :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye_:

    After all of this I installed the SCA and was able to activate the SCA via the Connect tab in synapse
    You have to enable Connect apps and SCA!

    Last step would then be setting up the Emote Display in the SCA.
    But as soon as you start the "connection" you will lose all of your setup chroma patterns...

    BTW the guy of the support claimed that there would be a seperate tab in synapse for the Emote Display like for the Seiren Emote, he called it lighting tab, but not for me?
    At least it worked "somehow" via SCA.

    Hope you're able to fix it and you have to tell me if you'll get this so called Lighting tab as I don't have it after reinstalling twice.
    If so, it's all about reinstalling razer synapse right?!?
    But I sadly guess not...
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  4. guys i have a big problem and i want your help.I just buy seiren emote and when i try to run the streamer's companion app it shows a message "server connection error".I amfrom Greece so help me
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  5. liclarence00

    liclarence00 New Member

    I have the same problem, do you solve it?
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  6. dXcheeze

    dXcheeze New Member

    ufff not sure about that but beside reinstalling hole synapse+companion app there wasn't even a real fix for my problem. Sooooooooo I´d say nope, you're f**ked.
    Hopefully it doesn´t have to do with regional locking, but I wouldn´t say so.
    But in the end except trying to reinstall everything "clean" or contacting the support somehow, there's no real help...
    Where do you get the "no connection screen"? Can you maybe provide some screenies?
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  7. Relsorr

    Relsorr New Member

    Could maybe someone that already have the software send us the installation files?

    They should be on:

    I can’t think of anything else at this point!
  8. WorstPlayerEver

    WorstPlayerEver New Member

    Yeah ive the same problem, i cant install the SCA cuse of connection error
  9. davurizkia

    davurizkia New Member

    iam having same issue here, but everytime reinstall all razer software I can test the rezer emote display on companion app but after I restart or shutdown the computer I cant see anything on the razer emote display. please I need help to fix this.
  10. OlguiPR

    OlguiPR New Member

    Same here after the initial setup it wont let me go back to edit, and i checked and it's not even loading.
  11. dXcheeze

    dXcheeze New Member

    Well I don't know about the restart/shutdown problem or the server connection problem,
    but then there just kicks in the IT guy in me:
    did you activate the SCA in Synapse3? in the Connection tab?

    I can only speak for myself but the initial reinstall with the provided steps worked for me, but never had server problems..
    And I'm able to restart/shutdown the computer and still am able to use the emote display.

    Well, still a native Emote Support would be very neat... like with the sirene as what the support chat told me, don't own one.
  12. edudds

    edudds New Member

    So basically i have dowloaded the SCA but it doesnt show in the ''connect'' tab in synapse 3. I don't know what to do anymore because i have already reinstalled both of them like 4 times. I tryied downloading the synapse and the SCA in my HD and it worked, but when i use it in my SSD i have this problem
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  13. Bronmaiky

    Bronmaiky New Member

    +1 please, is needed for our streams.
  14. DylShock

    DylShock New Member

    Man, STILL no answer here for that original issue I posted huh? Not great, Razer. You've treated me well with my Razer Phone, but this Emote Display-- not so much.

    I use this thing on every stream, but the fact that it shuts down my Keyboard Chroma in order to do so is unacceptable.

    Thanks for keeping this topic going and reposting it guys.
  15. Bianconero94

    Bianconero94 New Member

    did u fix it ? i have same problem :slightly_sad:
  16. edudds

    edudds New Member

    Bro I just waited some days to reinstall everything again and it worked....
  17. Bianconero94

    Bianconero94 New Member

    doesnt work for me yet :slightly_sad:((
  18. Cone911

    Cone911 New Member

    Hey everyone!

    Just bought the Razer Seiren Emote mic and was googling to see if anyone had figured out how to better use the Emote display without the Streamer Companion app taking over your whole entire Synapse Studio lighting.

    Seems like no or not yet.

    Razer Support, are you there?
  19. Mitchagain

    Mitchagain New Member

    I am having the issue where I have a Razer Keyboard, Mouse, headset and now the seiren. I have set up custom lighting for all of my devices and the seiren I received for xmas. I set everything up, but can't seem to have custom lighting through synapse 3 (keyboard, mouse, and headset) while using the custom emotes on the Mic.

    Is this a known issue?

    not being able to use chroma studio / custom lighting for the keyboard / mouse and the razer seiren?
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  20. muzazipr

    muzazipr New Member

    wow still no fix or respond whatsoever eh? they should make the emote devices can be enabled on chroma studio. like seriously you cant even change the background effect on other chroma devices on the companion app to wave or somthing, only static available
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