Surround (Legacy) crackling

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Uzuti, Jul 20, 2020.

  1. Just updated a bunch of windows stuff and it broke my audio I have the crackling even after I fresh install I use corsair void pros.
  2. I found a solution by downloading the previous version of windows (1909) here:
    After i installed it i did an update only once (it was some updates for the 1909 ver.) and after that disable automatic updates.
    btw i didn't have this problem before (idk how) i encountered it now because i did a fresh windows install...
  3. Laucha99

    Laucha99 New Member

    Hello, i have an ASUS X570 Tuf Gaming Plus and i have the crackling noise too. Im now downloading BlueStacks let's hope its works. Sorry if my english is bad, is not my native language
  4. Laucha99

    Laucha99 New Member

    Yeah, just install BlueStacks and it works, and works playing games too [was playing the hunter call of the wild and no problem at all]

    Thanks you so much :]
  5. Lonsler

    Lonsler New Member

    WTF, BlueStacks worked. Like instantly after install without having to do a thing - just run it. Unfortunately another program to run in the background, but yeah, it's ridiculous but it works.
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  6. anevilpigeon123

    anevilpigeon123 New Member

    worked for me too
  7. Ok, this is my alternative and so far the easiest workaround for this. I discovered it by accident.
    You don't need to install, rollback or reconfigure anything.

    1. Right-click the volume icon from the taskbar. Click "Sounds" -
    2. Click on the "Recording" tab. -
    4. Leave the Sound dialog window and the "Recording" tab open
    5. Drag it to any corner so that it doesn't block your view. I prefer moving it to the bottom-right corner where on a couple of pixels of the said window is open. -

    I am not sure why that works but it simply works for me. I hope it does for you as well.
  8. yongwolrang

    yongwolrang New Member

    Here is a fix(99% :wink_:) if you guys still need it ..

    download and install GameLoop Emulator .. if still the same, go
    download and COMPLETE the installation of Call of Duty mobile (not sure if this will work with other games too)

    after you completed the steps you can exit them.. you don't need to always run the emulator or the game ... just don't uninstall.
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  9. Billyoz

    Billyoz New Member

    do you run it in background?
  10. yongwolrang

    yongwolrang New Member

    no, not at all.
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  11. Exionas

    Exionas New Member

    This is some first class Skynet magic
    My Gameloop was broken so I couldn't even install COD but it still fixed the Sorround crackling.It's not running just installed (I am also keeping my Sorround in offline mode)
    Whatever Razer or Microsoft did I am guessing is connected to some android (or whatever is part of android package or language)
    BlueStack and Gameloop are both Android emulators and they probably reinstall some driver or other dependency with themselves

    I am going to reboot and see if works after. It does,I don't have the Emulator running on startup or anything
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  12. Ishan_K

    Ishan_K New Member

    I've a Razer Blackshark V2 Pro Wireless and it seems THX produces a sort of tearing\hissing\cracking sound in the end or low background.
    Tried everything and only disabling it works. Sometimes it magically works okay for few mins and then resorts back to the same behaviour.
    So, I think it's a driver issue with Win 10 Pro-20H2.
  13. CwiCwi666

    CwiCwi666 New Member

    Well my crackling disappeared when I put My DAC alone directly in my usb port instead of my hub

    stiil no apps showing in synapse and no tweaks working, but no crackling :rolleyes:
  14. racefail

    racefail New Member

    OK OK OK..... what the hell!!!! It work instantaniatly, ty guys! Its nice to see the community with the sames issues... Razer needs to pay attentions to these things....
  15. Nils874

    Nils874 New Member

    I have literally no clue why THIS is working, but hell boy thank you!
  16. Aminodextrous

    Aminodextrous New Member

    I've found something new:

    Also using DPC Latency Checker works just as fine. It's a 300kb .exe which doesn't require install nor to be actively running, just launch it and stop the monitoring. As long it's open the crackling will disappears. Tested on 20H2.

    Now if any more tech-savvy users would look into this maybe we could find a proper fix.
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  17. Nsamurai

    Nsamurai New Member

    Thank goodness I'm not alone with this stuff. Legacy users unite! Anyway... made a forum account to say the following:

    Gonna necro this thing again. I got around the crackling by activating my Stereo Mix device in recording, checking "listen to this device" and making sure it played to the virtual "Speakers (7.1 Surround Sound)" option. Now, I'm not sure if this is from having installed the non-legacy 7.1 software (not activated or running, however) or what, but it seems to be working just fine, and even fixes its crackling in a seconds whenever I make any other unrelated audio changes in my settings. Trying to "playback through" my actual audio device or on the Razer sound controller does *not* work. Just the one in the image below.

    Here's what the settings look like. I have it turned to 0 in the next tab, so I have no idea what it's doing exactly, but it works, eh?

    Not tried with a game yet, but I'll letcha know if it doesn't work.
    Last edited: Feb 19, 2021
  18. Aminodextrous

    Aminodextrous New Member

    Tested with games and it works for me:

    1) Install the free trial of THX Spatial Audio Surround (DO NOT activate it, just install)
    2) Restart your system
    3) Follow Nsamurai's steps, for me under "Playback through this device" I had to put specifically "Speakers (THX Spatial)"
    4) Profit and be baffled.
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  19. Nsamurai

    Nsamurai New Member

    Confirming. This is the way. I uninstalled the other surround software to check and Amino's way also works just fine. I'm glad to say there's at least two viable ways to use other Razer tech (their 7,1 Surround software, and the THX one) to fix the issue. Makes you wonder why there's an issue at all if their software works after all?

    Added a picture to show what it should look like if you're using the THX method.

    Little PS: I actually only discovered my little workaround thanks to inspiration from this thread, so thanks all ya'll for saying stuff. These last two ways should be the least impactful ways to fix it, so I'm real thankful for all ya'll's help.
  20. I've come to these forums to try and seek a fix, as I've just updated windows today and Razer Surround has just broken in the same way everyone is reporting in this thread.

    I have tried this fix however I am not getting these options when going into "recording" in "sounds", the device only appears in playback and I do not get the "listen" option (included some images to show).

    At this rate, I'm going to have to stop using razer surround legacy. Really hope the devs work on a fix.. sound1.PNG sound2.PNG
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