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Surround Legacy (Synapse 2) NOT working with Win10 2004

Discussion in 'Razer Support' started by MFER212015, Jun 18, 2020.

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  1. MFER212015

    MFER212015 New Member

    I wonder if Razer is aware, or cares, seeing as this is a legacy platform, that the older Surround driver sounds improper on Windows 10 build 2004, or version 19041.33. An incredible amount of crackling and distortion present, also not the first time Windows 10 builds have broken compatibility with this. I'll try some troubleshooting through Windows channels, but it seems another update is due.
  2. Twitch.tv-Blastryan

    Twitch.tv-Blastryan New Member

    I cant use settings on synapse 2 too... (Kraken X USB) I tried everything

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  3. MFER212015

    MFER212015 New Member

    We have to wait for a patch, unfortunately. I hate having to revert back to 1909 just for this, but damn do I miss not having the sound be as profound.
  4. JimJet

    JimJet New Member

    same problems with razer ripsaw.
  5. Twitch.tv-Blastryan

    Twitch.tv-Blastryan New Member

    i hope they will update Synapse 2 .....
  6. axeexcess

    axeexcess New Member

    Had the same issue myself and I had to roll back the 2004 update just for this. Couldn't find an alternative to Razer Surround Pro that sounded nearly as good.

    Driver Easy found an updated driver for my Realtek sound card and will attempt to update it but I have a feeling this won't fix the issue if I go to 2004 again.
  7. martymarty004

    martymarty004 New Member

    Will Razer finally leave Synapse 2 behind and add legacy support to Synapse 3?
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  8. Raccy

    Raccy New Member

    Same problem here
    Hope there will be a fix ;(
  9. Twitch.tv-Blastryan

    Twitch.tv-Blastryan New Member

    Razer where are you ? No support ? Where is the update for 2004 ?

    Cant use Synapse 2 . And Microphone takin music sounds etc. Cant fix it.. Windows Sound Properties cant do anything.. We need to use Synapse 2
  10. Twitch.tv-Blastryan

    Twitch.tv-Blastryan New Member

    I think they really dont care ..

    Synapse 2
    Release Date: 26 Jul 2019
  11. Brunorrid

    Brunorrid New Member

    same problem :slightly_sad:
    I tried the clean installation too, but it is not working.
    I think the only way to solve this is revert back to 1909 for now.
  12. Reizeii

    Reizeii New Member

    Need a fix for Synapse 2. ASAP !
  13. if ver 1909 is the only choice can anyone point me to where i can get that version... i miss my surround pro... everything sounds robotic and glitchy now
  14. axeexcess

    axeexcess New Member

    If you haven't deleted Windows.old from your C: drive and you've updated to 2004 less than 10 days ago, you can go into Settings -> Recovery and then Get started under Go back to the previous version of Windows 10.
  15. Twitch.tv-Blastryan

    Twitch.tv-Blastryan New Member

    Still Razer Experts doesnt give a fck :D funny
  16. Reizeii

    Reizeii New Member

    Any feedback from Razer support ???
  17. martymarty004

    martymarty004 New Member

    Nope, I wrote to them 3 days ago and got no replies
  18. MrCharlet

    MrCharlet New Member

    Same No reply from razer support already more than 3 days
  19. smartPrunewire032

    smartPrunewire032 New Member

    well I didn't expect that from Razer at all...
    it's been many days since the may update, why haven't they fixed it yet ????
  20. martymarty004

    martymarty004 New Member

    There are only 3 possibilities:
    - Razer is trying to fix it, but this is a huge problem
    - Razer gave up on Synapse 2 and it's trying to move it on Synapse 3
    - Razer it's not aware of the bug or simply it doesn't give a crap about it.
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