Synapse 3 Mac OS X Support

Discussion in 'Razer Synapse' started by bayMediumTaupecool318, Feb 8, 2021.

  1. ... I would have loved to know this before paying for it. well in any case back to best buy it goes, and I will get Logitect product. always good value.

    really disappointed that they did not feel that they could spend a bit on the Mac platform, I develops software on mac system and making Synapse 3 should be an easy port in any case figure out some 20k$ more or less.

    In any case back to best buy I go. returning my first and LAST Razer product.
  2. VinyeMustaine

    VinyeMustaine New Member

    Hi there,

    I can't have my Razer Naga Pro fully working on Mac OS Monterey because Synapse 3 has no support for Mac.
    Fortunately I can use BT connection and use it as a standard mouse, however I can't set hotkeys, which is the main reason for me to have a mouse such like that.

    I am very disappointed that a product such as this one come with no compatibility for Mac users. I should have stick to the Logitech G604 which had all these functions properly working...
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